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Wednesday, September 28th, 2016
6:54 pm
Domestic Archaelogogy
Every time I visit mom, I hunt through her kitchen cabinets for lost treasure. This is what I found on this trip.Collapse )  The pepper is priced at 69 cents and the allspice 27 cents.</p>
Tuesday, September 27th, 2016
9:23 am
Bomb Scare
Yesterday when I was typing up my LJ entry, our receptionist came into my office and told me that the building was being evacuated. Our security guard found a suspicious package/device at the front of the building and called 911. Most people went to the muster spot where we go for fire drills. Since it was a chilly morning and I didn't have a jacket, I took refuge in my vehicle where I would be warm and could listen to NPR. My boss finally called me and told me I had to be with everyone else, so off I went to the meeting area which was now at least in the sun. While we were all milling about someone noticed an unattended car with the trunk open and a backpack in the back. This started a new wave of paranoia. We were told to move further down the block. Someone decided, "Fuck this. I'm going for coffee." This started a mass exodus to Starbucks a couple of blocks away. Since I'm a cheap mofo I went to the Carl's Jr across the parking lot and got a breakfast biscuit and coffee for about the same price as a Starbuck's coffee. We all just hung out and waited for the bomb squad to do their thing with their robot. We still haven't heard the whole story, but I did notice some sort of electronic device about the size of a small suitcase while I was on my way to Carl's. It was probably just some treasure that some bum left behind.
Monday, September 26th, 2016
10:14 am
Mascot Madness
On Saturday a local wildlife refuge was holding an anniversary party for its establishment. Otto Otter was invited to perform so I jumped at the chance. I was pleased to see that several other agencies sent their mascots out there as well to perform. So I got to hang out with Orbit, the mascot for the Isotopes baseball team, Puddles the Duck from the Fish and Wildlife Service, Seymour the Antelope from the Bureau of Land Management, Leroyo the Ditch Monster from the City's Water Safety Bureau, Buddy Bison from the National Park Service, and of course Smokey Bear. The weather was nice and cool, but the sun was brutal. After just 2 hours I was soaked in sweat. It was hard to keep hydrated. I gave up after I started to get light-headed. It was fun to be able to perform with other critters. Orbit was the prima dona and he didn't stick around for very long. Puddles looked like he was having fun but just needed a little work on his performance. Leroyo gave up pretty quickly and the suit ended up being a plushie at their booth. Both Kitty and I determined that whoever was performing as Seymour must have been a furry. He/she had the performance thing down and looked like he/she was having a lot of fun. The one thing I have to keep reminding myself is that I'm not at a convention. I have to stop scritching the other mascots while posing for pics! Bad furry!

Otto, Orbit, and Puddles

Otto and Seymour
no title

Otto and Leroyo
Wednesday, September 21st, 2016
5:48 pm
Field Trip
I just got back from a nice little field trip to tour some of our facilities in the southern part of the state. One of the perks of the job is that I occasionally get to run around the inside of dams not normally accessible to the public. Today that was Elephant Butte Dam which will be celebrating its 100th anniversary next month. It's one of the oldest federal dams in the U.S. Inside the dam we encountered a ring-tailed cat that was running around. Judging from the amount of droppings we saw, there are probably lots of mice for it to eat. It was not the only wildlife we saw on the trip. We also saw a few javelinas, a coyote, and a nice fat skunk while touring a wildlife refuge that we provide water to.

We spent the night in beautiful Truth or Consequences. Boy, talk about small town. They pretty much roll up the sidewalks by 8pm. We stayed in an old school motel that had the one benefit of being attached to a hot spring spa. T or C used to be named Hot Springs before they changed their name thanks to the game show. The motel was some place where tilt_longtail would be right at home. It was one of those motels where probably half the tenants were using it as apartments. I don't think the decor had been updated since the 1950's. On the bright side I did partake in a hot spring soak in a private tub which made the 2 beers I had consumed seem like 6. I was one mellow bear!


Elephant Butte Dam

Ring-tailed cat

Motel room or Pee Wee's Playhouse
Sunday, September 18th, 2016
5:56 pm
I received a friendly nastygram from the city saying that I may have too many weeds in my front yard. Had it been a nasty nastygram, there would be talk about code violations and fines. This was just a friendly reminder that I am responsible for the area between the sidewalk and the street. I guess I can't complain too much. There are people with houses that have streets on both sides of their property. They're responsible for the same sidewalk-to-curb area even if it's at the rear of their property which is only accessible by driving all the way around the block.

I don't pay too much attention to the front of the house because I don't spend any time out there. Sure, it's the gateway to my house, but I just don't give a damn. That's why I want to wall off a good portion of the front property so I can turn it into usable patio space. That's Phase II of my landscaping project. Anyway...the nastygram gave me the inspiration to take care of an ongoing problem. I have a lot of what I call "goatheads" growing right along the sidewalk. They're not true goatheads, but rather a grass that puts out nasty split-pea-sized seeds that stick into your shoes, socks, pants, etc. They are then transported inside where they embed in the carpet where they get stepped on with bare feet which causes much pain and cursing. True goatheads are found on a vine which spread on the ground and produce marble-sized caltrops (look it up) which are the bane of bicycle riders who have dubbed the plant "puncture vine." So I spent a few hours in the sun digging up all of the goathead grass which I should have done long ago. Last year I just took a torch to the plants which was highly ineffective against green vegetation. Perhaps the city knew what they were talking about. I pretty much filled the entire garbage can with the nasty plants.
Friday, September 16th, 2016
7:47 am
Furry Art
While looking at all of the furry beastie pr0n related to Pasiphe yesterday, I stumbled onto some sculptures from a modern day artist which made me swoon. She primarily deals with rabbits, but there are other critters as well. Do a Google Image search for "Sophie Ryder." I REALLY want to own some of her work. Here's an example:
Thursday, September 15th, 2016
8:07 am
Furry Greek Mythology
Last weekend BBC America was having a Star Trek marathon to celebrate the show's 50th anniversary, debuting on NBC in 1966. The first episode I saw was the one where they encounter the god Apollo on some distant planet. It seems that Apollo and his fellow aliens visited Earth about 3000 years ago and were the basis of Greek legends. My evil furry mind immediately wondered if the aliens could actually perform transformations which were so common in the myths. That got me thinking about some of those stories, so I revisited them thanks to teh Interwebs. Of course there was Callisto who was raped by Zeus which pissed off Hera, his wife, so she turned her into a bear. Just as she was about to be killed by her own son, Zeus put both of them into the heavens forming Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. The other great transformation story was Actaeon and Artemis. Artemis was not someone you wanted to mess with. She was a vengeful bitch. Actaeon either tried to rape her or simply saw her naked (perhaps he just boasted that he was a better hunter than her). Anyway...she turned him into a stag. Great story! Unfortunately he then gets ripped apart by his own hunting dogs. Not so good. I then found a story that I had never heard before. This one involved Polyphonte who dedicated her life to Artemis. This pissed off Aphrodite who wanted her to bear children. So Aphrodite cursed Polyphonte and made it that she would want to do it with a bear. A bear gives her an injection of "Vitamin D" and she bears 2 sons, Agrius and Oreius, who are half-man, half-bear. Sounds great to me! Unfortunately Zeus thinks they're abominations since they have this nasty habit of eating people and not following the gods, so he sends Ares to punish them. He takes pity on the family, however, and transforms them all into birds (Yay! More transformation!) So Agrius was changed into a vulture. Oreius was turned into an eagle owl. Polyphonte was transformed into a small owl, and her servant was changed into a woodpecker.

And let us not forget Pasiphae, one of the most celebrated examples of early furry porn. Poseidon cursed her to desire a bull. Of course the act of mating would be rather difficult. So she had a hollow wooden cow constructed (by Daedalus, Icarus' dad) which she could climb inside (Would that be considered the first fursuit? Definitely a murrsuit!). She later gives birth to the Minotaur. If you want to see classic furry porn, just search Google images for "Pasiphe." Oh, and don't piss her off. Her husband was the king of Crete and very unfaithful. She cursed him so that he would ejaculate scorpions.
Wednesday, September 14th, 2016
7:31 am
The Godfather
I took another little detour from the "Hot 100" list of books and read the source material from one of the greatest movies in history. I hadn't realized that the book came out in the late 60's and was instantly grabbed up by Paramount to be made into the movie. Puzo then adapted his book into the screenplay which earned him an Oscar. There are few differences between the plots of the book and the movie. There's even similar dialogue in both. The major difference between the 2 is in some of the background stories which adds to the richness of the overall story. Some plot points were eliminated from the final cut but were put back in for the Director's Cut. The most interesting elimination was the story about how the Don rises to power. It's really glossed over in "Godfather II" but would have been interesting to see. The book also contains a lot about Johnny Fontane who is a fictionalization of Frank Sinatra. Sinatra hated Puzo for that. Fontane has a close friend in the book named Nino who is based on Frank's buddy Dino aka Dean Martin. I can see why that plotline was cut from the screenplay, but it does add some richness to the overall story. So if you're a huge fan of the movie such as myself, give the book a read to help fill in some missing details.
Tuesday, September 13th, 2016
7:52 am
Yesterday on walkies a mouse ran across the sidewalk right in front of Mesa and me. Mesa must have thought it was a lizard and pounced it. A quick snap of his jaws and that was all she wrote for the poor rodent. Later in the evening I was sitting on the patio and some yotes must have been triggered by a low flying jet. They started yipping just in back of the house. This started a mad search for Fling who was still outside. The stupid cat refused to come inside. Finally, just before we went to bed, Kitty opened the door and Fling ran in. Good. Kitty went upstairs but I wanted to watch a little more of the Rams/49's game. Fling gave a weird meow as she walked past me. I looked down and she had a mouse in her mouth. She dropped it close to me and I made a mad dash to catch it before it ran away. It was just a little field mouse, and I deposited its stunned self out the front door. Kitty didn't have her contacts in so she hadn't even seen that Fling was bringing us a present. It has been non-stop death as of late. Diva has taken out a couple of wrens and injured a beautiful swallowtail butterfly. She also brought me a hummingbird last week but it was able to fly away. Oy! Cats! Our little killing machines.
Saturday, September 10th, 2016
7:07 pm
I had to check the old LJ archive to see when we did our big annual chile purchase last year. We did it early last year; August 17. This year it was today. We bought a 30-lb bag of medium-hot and had it roasted. Kitty put on 80's classics on the tv radio station and we processed 58 5-oz bags in about 3 hours. So that's 290 oz of processed green chile from a starting point of 480 oz. Not bad! My fingers are still tingling. doG only knows what the "hot" would have been like. Of all the traditions of New Mexico that I have experienced over the past 17 years, the processing of chile has got to be one of my favorites. I'm looking forward to a year filled with green chile stew and green chile corn chowder. Since the garden is still producing tomatoes like mad, more fresh salsa is in the cards!
Wednesday, September 7th, 2016
12:13 pm
More Classics
I've had to take a little step back in my thinking about some of the classic movies I've watched or books that I have read. A few of them have come across as rather ordinary. What was so particularly special? I have experienced that plot many times before. That character archetype has been seen time and time again. There is nothing new with that particular narrative style. And then I realize that that particular movie or book may have been the very first of a particular genre which started whole new trends. We've seen it dozens of times before because it completely broke the mold and took creativity in whole new directions. THAT'S why a particular work is now considered a classic.

So over the long weekend we added a few more titles to our list.

"Vertigo" - #61 on the AFI list - Overall it was a pretty good Hitchcock flick, but not one of his best, IMHO. I loved the slow buildup which is characteristic of his films, but to me the plot got overly involved. I don't like mysteries that set themselves up where the plot points have to all align perfectly to make everything fit. Very rarely can this be pulled off well. Most movies rely on an "A-ha!" moment that seems very plausible at the time, but if you really start to think about it, it just doesn't make much sense or seems totally impossible. Rather than a man just killing his wife discreetly, he builds this complex plot to make it seem like an accident/suicide. I prefer more straightforward plots like "Psycho" or "Rear Window."

"The Philadelphia Story" - #51 on the AFI list - More Jimmy Stewart! Except he actually won Best Actor for his role. Put him up against Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant and you get a great character-driven movie with not much of a plot. A spoiled rich girl wants to get married for the 2nd time but ends up going back to her first husband. The screenplay is great and the actors only add to it. Just great Hollywood for its time.

"Birth of a Nation" - #44 on the AFI list - Kitty had to watch this in high school for her history class. It's a hundred-year old silent film epic about the Civil War and Reconstruction. It clocks in at just over 3 hours which was amazing for the day (and even now!). The film is commended for all of the techniques that were used which became Hollywood standards. The film is derided, however, for its blatant racism. Not only are many of the actors white in blackface, but the black actors are all mammy and Uncle Tom types who shuck and jive and eat watermelon and chicken. They gets mighty uppity after the war, so the South is saved by the heroic KKK that rides in to save the day. It's a piece of movie history that was groundbreaking for its time. Now it's just an anachronism.
Tuesday, September 6th, 2016
7:53 am
Labor Day
We had a furmeet on Sunday with a turnout of about 40. The theme was "Sausage Party" due to the movie currently in theaters as well as making fun of the AlbuFURque drama earlier in the year. I cooked up hot dogs, brats, and a few different types of polish sausage/kielbasa. Of course there was much drinking. I think this is the first meet where the cooler was empty by the end of the night. Sometimes I end up with more beer/booze than I had started with. Not this time. I really have to teach the youngins to drink properly. They bring shit like 99 Bananas and other flavored liqueurs which usually ends up with someone fertilizing the lawn. At least I'm bringing some around to the joys of really good bourbon in moderation. Once again I was happy to wake up and find the yard and patio completely in order. All of the trash was in the bin and recyclables were all sorted. doG, I love our merry band.
Saturday, September 3rd, 2016
10:37 pm
The World is Ours
The last time Kitty and I were out of the country was on our Panama Canal cruise of 2014. Right after that Kitty told me that her passport would soon expire. Since we weren't taking any trip abroad it really didn't matter. Earlier this year she once again reminded me that her passport had expired. When I went to check on hers I saw that mine, too, had expired. I would have jumped at the chance to get them renewed, but I had heard that getting passports in NM was a headache since we were no longer compliant with the federal Real ID Act. Since NM gives drivers' licenses to wetbacks, our licenses were going to no longer be recognized as secure IDs for air travel. This caused a stampede to get passports since they WOULD be valid ID. Rather than do the proper thing and push for proper ID reform, our politicians decided to due the easy thing and kick the can down the road for a few more months and hope that Jesus would miracle a solution to our state where there would be no political backlash. Anyway...I had feared standing in long lines just to get our passports renewed. Fortunately we went to AAA to get our passport photos taken. Not only was that a good move financially, since we are premier members and got the photos for free, but the person there told us that since we were simply renewing, the entire process could be taken care of via mail. The amazing thing about the whole process was that it took less than 2 weeks to get everything done. Even though Kitty had her name changed after we got married, it didn't even cause a bump in the road. So now we both have valid passports are are ready to take on the world. There is something very powerful in having a valid passport in your paw. You can go anywhere! You can do anything! Next stop...North Korea! *LOL*
Friday, September 2nd, 2016
2:46 pm
I just received a very pleasant email which certainly put me in a good mood for the holiday weekend. My division chief just notified me that I'll be getting an award for my handling of this year's Spring runoff. All I did was make a simple suggestion that based on the amount of snow in the mountains and the amount of water that needed to be stored, there would be adequate flows to do some creative water management to restore the river's ecosystem. With just a little cooperation from the parties involved, we could all make a big difference. To me it was just good water management. To many others it was a brilliant strategy. A plan was quickly put together and implemented. From the data that were collected it seemed that the experiment was a huge success. It quickly became known as "my" event. So while I greatly appreciated the pats on the back that I received, it is even better that that gratitude is now being shown in a more substantial way. On a deeper level I'm just happy that my work is still appreciated even though many times it feels as if I don't matter.
Tuesday, August 30th, 2016
7:45 am
Main Event
They opened a new entertainment venue in ABQ not too long ago that is something like a Dave and Busters on steroids or perhaps a Chuck-E-Cheese for adults. Some friends asked us out last night, so myself, Kitty, and Scritch checked it out with them. It was alright. I'm getting too old for stuff like this. The food was pretty good. The beer was good. The company was great. The prices were reasonable since it was a Monday night. Scritch and I played pool for over an hour. You could buy an all-you-can-play video game card for the arcade for about $10. There was a bowling alley which was packed. I guess these places are becoming the new "big thing." *shrugs* Like Scritch said, video arcades were big when we were kids because home consoles sucked. Now that's pretty much reversed.
Monday, August 29th, 2016
9:21 am
Mundane Update
I took Friday off from work since my foot was still bothering me, and I was also expecting the old refrigerator to be picked up. I had a bit of a surprise when they told me that the fridge was from 1985! I thought the previous owner had bought it, but she must have got it from the first owner. It probably came with the house when it was built! So I said goodbye to the old gal and hoped that my new one will last as long (yeah, right).

On Saturday morning I did my usual routine with letting out the pets and feeding Mesa. It's all automatic to me, so I just went through the motions as usual. I got Mesa's bowl, filled it from a bag in the closet, and then fed him on the patio. As I walked back into the kitchen I noticed ants on my hand. Damnit. I forgot to check his bowl. Sometimes there is a little oily residue on the bottom that the ants love. I went back outside and saw his food was crawling with the little bastards. I dumped the bowl out and they scattered. Mesa was able to eat his kibble off of the ground like a feral. I then had a bad thought. "I wonder if the ants were..." I opened the bag in the closet and saw ants all over the kibble. Damnit! I took the bag outside and wondered what to do. I noticed that they loved to congregate on the plastic cup I use to scoop out the food. I took the cup out, shook off all the ants, and put it back. Soon it was swarming with them again. I repeated the process. Before I knew it I had removed almost all of them! It was then off to Petsmart to buy air-tight containers. I placed ant baits on their trail and soon they were enjoying tasty poison. This must be a bad year for ants. Heck, I even have them crawling on my desk at work!

In good bug news the upper patio has turned into exactly what I had been hoping for; a hub for pollinators. I've had something flowering since spring and my nectar brings the bees to the yard. I enjoy watching the big bumble bees working. There's no need to hang up a hummingbird feeder because there's plenty to drink without one. One plant I put in was a butterfly bush that I bought at an end-of-the-season sale last year. It bloomed a little in the spring, but it must be a late bloomer. It has been producing lovely purple flowers lately. I have been waiting for it to attract its namesake, and I was finally rewarded. For the first time since I have lived here I had a monarch visit the yard. Oh how I have missed them! I have seen one or two near the river over time, but I have not had one come to the yard. Swallowtails, yes. Monarchs, no. Now to just keep the cats from eating them.
Friday, August 26th, 2016
10:09 am
Bad Spider, Good Spider
I'm slowly getting better. The foot still hurts but the pain has retreated down from my thigh to my knee. I did eat a red chile breakfast burrito at a breakfast meeting, but I didn't feel like eating anything else for the rest of the day. While laying on the sofa on the patio last night, I realized just how vital spiders can be. A very wise orb weaver spun an intricate web a few feet above one of my rain barrels. Good move, I thought. I sat there for about a half hour after sunset to see if my appraisal was correct. The rain barrel is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. I put some oil on the surface to kill the larvae, but I haven't done so since the last rain. I can just imagine the little larva struggling to the surface. It dries off its wings. It flies upwards. Yay! Let's bite someone! *snag* Into the jaws of Shelob. I think she was averaging about a bug a minute. If I had a really sensitive microphone I'm sure I would have recorded an endless stream of "Help Meeeeee!"
Thursday, August 25th, 2016
7:50 am
Black Widow
I can't be 100% sure, but I think I have been the victim of a black widow bite. It must have been hiding in one of my shoes. I put it on and felt a discomfort like there was a pebble inside. I shook it out and didn't think twice. A couple of hours later my foot started hurting. I figured it was just an irritation of some sort. I cooked dinner but didn't really feel all that much like eating. While sitting on the patio with Kitty I just felt drained of energy. I decided to go to bed at 8:30. The next day my foot was still bothering me. Once again I had no appetite for breakfast. At work I was sitting at my desk when I started shivering uncontrollably. I cranked up my space heater and huddled around it. Soon I was too hot like with a fever. Lunch time approached and I still didn't feel like eating. I decided to call it a day and head over to urgent care. They couldn't do much for me. The symptoms were textbook for a black widow bite but since I didn't see the little bitch I can't be 100% sure. Rather than go to the emergency room for anti-venom, I just decided to ride out the symptoms. Basically I just crawled into bed and slept for about 14 hours.
Wednesday, August 24th, 2016
7:26 am
"Sons and Lovers"
Another book down in the Summer Reading Program. This book was ranked #9 in the best novels of the 20th century. It was a pretty tough read. The plot wasn't terribly interesting and I really hated D.H. Lawrence's writing style. He would constantly say things like, "She put flowers in her hair which made her so beautiful. He hated her." It almost became a joke since he used phrases like that over and over. My interpretation of the nook was that it was all about the nature of love and how you must destroy a part of yourself in order to bond with another person. The protagonist has a semi-creepy relationship with his mother, and his love for her prevents him from loving any other woman. He has a girlfriend who loves him so greatly, but he just can't bring himself to marry. Marriage is a form of death. What he knows of marriage he gets from the relationship between his mother and father. He is a brutish coal miner who can be abusive. His mother basically ignores him and concentrates on raising the children and taking care of the house. I guess what angered me the most was that the main character could have had a wonderful relationship with one of 2 women, but it seems he overthinks everything about love. He just can't bring himself to surrendering to another person and so he ends up living alone and miserable. To that I said, "Serves you right." It did get me thinking about the nature of love, but then I concluded that it's a subject probably best not thought about too deeply. There is nothing logical about love. You'll drive yourself mad trying to over-analyze it.
Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016
7:18 am
The Perfect Storm
I was not counting on much rain yesterday. There was a nice blob of red on the radar, but it headed to the south. There was one little red blob to the far west end of the county, but it didn't look promising. At the start of the 5 o'clock news the blob was a little bigger. At the end of the news it was bigger and closer. At the start of the 6 o'clock, it was covering the entire west side of the city. Woohoo! I ran outside. There was the rumble of thunder and a few *tink* *tinks* as small hail started to hit the patio cover. I ran inside to shut off the sprinklers that had just started. I then went back outside to enjoy the show. Soon it was pouring buckets. Lightning was flashing directly overhead with a few *flash* *booms*. The rain barrels quickly filled. The grass and garden got a good soaking. It was intense, but not quite enough to get the arroyo flowing (I'll have to investigate more thoroughly on walkies today). Like all good monsoon rains it was over in less than 30 minutes. The sun popped out and caused a nice rainbow to the east where the storm was still raging. The temps also dropped into the 70's making it a perfect evening. Textbook monsoon season.
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