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Friday, January 20th, 2017
8:06 am
Live From Washington
I thought I would post a clip from today's inauguration parade.

So what is my overall opinion? The smooth transition of power is one of the things that makes our country great. I'm sure there were many people 8 years ago who thought for sure that America would be going to hell. I still believe in the words of The Who who said it in "Won't Get Fooled Again," "Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss." I think the greatest threat facing our democracy is the rise of the corporate state. There have already been many sci-fi movies out there that depict America as a dystopian wasteland caused by corporate greed. I think we're already down that road. The trick will be to not try to get into the 1%, but rather be at the high end of the 99%. Woe be to those at the bottom of the ladder.
Thursday, January 19th, 2017
9:12 am
I made home on Tuesday. Monday was a 700-mile day and Tuesday was a much more relaxed 350 miles. The weather was a bit crappy with gray skies and a bit of flurry activity near Grants. One thing I noted was the lack of snow in Flagstaff proper, but Humphrey's Peak was completely white. I guess that reflects the nature of the storms so far this winter. They're more "Pineapple Express" types with warmer cores as opposed to coming out of the Northwest. The same is true for us here in NM. Temps have been fairly warm down "low" but the mountains have been building up a wonderful snowpack. This morning our major drainage basin was sitting at 176% of median. The sum of the available water at the 4 SNOTEL sites is the 2nd highest since 1980. And we have 3 storms coming in this weekend. Looks like I'll be putting on my flood hydrologist hat on this year. There will be no repeat of 2009.
Monday, January 16th, 2017
9:15 pm
My last post reflected the way I was feeling at the time. I wasn't really happy but I wasn't sad either. The best word to describe my feelings was "meh." Things were just OK. On Sunday, however, things picked up quite a bit. The day started off on a good note as we discovered a new breakfast place. Usually Flames Restaurant was our go-to place. We had already eaten there a couple of times this trip. It's a great breakfast place! But today we tried something different and ended up at Whispers. It was supposedly expensive and pretentious, but that was far from the truth. It was downright tasty and at a reasonable price.

In the afternoon Al decided that he wanted to fursuit. I decided to join him since 2 bears are always better than 1. We only lasted a little while together, however, as I went one way and he another. I ended up in the central lobby of the convention center which was a hub for furries and volleyball players alike. I was happy to be mobbed for pics and hugs. I developed a couple of really good shticks which was a lot of fun. My furriness was being restored! I then had a classic moment as I was making my way to the elevators. I turned a corner just as a little girl, who couldn't have been more than 2, turned the same corner. She saw me and burst into tears. She ran screaming to her mother. I felt so bad! I was going to make it a point to not get in the same elevator as her. I heard her mother console her and tell her that the bear was nice. Soon she was peeking around another person at me. I engaged her in a game of peek-a-boo and in no time the screams of terror had been replaced by squeals of delight. Yay! Score! I still opted to take a separate elevator just to be safe.

I made it up to the room, showered, and then settled in to watch the Packers/Cowboys game. And what a game! Most excellent! While I was watching the game, Al and Dex braved the clusterfuck known as the Art Show pickup. I had already braved the shitshow early in the morning to pick up a piece of art I had bought for Kitty. They opened an hour late and their system was horrible. While Al and Dex were gone, I had decided to treat them to dinner than night at Gordon Biersch. We have been in downtown San Jose for years now, have walked passed the restaurant dozens of times, and yet we had never been. I was going to change that! When we got to the restaurant I was blown away that they had developed a menu especially for FC. My furriness level was finally pushed into the red! Here's a copy of the menu. Hopefully it's readable.


So with that we returned to the hotel with our bellies full of food and beer. We partied with Scritch one more time, and then called it a night. Today we had breakfast at our favorite spot in Gilroy. We then made a stop at our favorite fruit stand where I picked up 20 cent avocados and 20 cents/lb oranges. Al and Dex were bummed that there were no Brussels sprouts this year. And now I'm chillin' in my motel room relaxing before my final leg to ABQ tomorrow.
Sunday, January 15th, 2017
11:05 am
FC So Far
It has been a pretty good con so far. I got a little depressed yesterday because I felt like a Bad Furry. Rather than spend time in con space and participate in the fursuit parade, I decided to chill in the room and watch the Atlanta/Seattle game. Football instead of furry?!? I finally realized that it was OK since I was doing the "con my way." It doesn't matter what you do as long as you enjoy yourself. I also felt better when I heard that the parade a was clusterfuck. I did run around in Sabot a little bit. He was mostly appreciated by the mundanes that were around for the volleyball tourney. Mostly I have just been hanging around in the lobby or Cub Hub chilling and chatting with folks. Of course there has been much boozamahol, but after Thursday's overindulgence, I have scaled back quite a bit. Let's see...10:00. Yeah. I guess it's after 12 in Chicago. *pops open a beer*
Thursday, January 12th, 2017
7:09 pm
FC Update
I'm typing this from the Marriott, Room 2026. Stop by and say hi! We just had power restored a couple of minutes ago. When we checked in there was only 1 elevator working and there was no power in the room. OMG! No ice for beer or booze! It was OK while the sun was still shining, but once the sun went down, I started to get pissed that the hotel had better provide lanterns/flashlights to us! *BING!* Power came on! Let the con begin!

Yesterday Al and I went to the LA Zoo and had a great time! Since there was rain in the morning, most folks decided to avoid the Zoo. We almost had the whole place to ourselves! It was so nice to enjoy the aminals (sic) without screaming spawn. Here! Have some cute otters.

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017
4:09 pm
Walking in L.A.
I don't know could've been a lame jogger maybe
Or someone just about to do the freeway strangler baby
Shopping cart pusher or maybe someone groovy
One thing's for sure, he isn't starring in the movies
'Cause he's walkin' in LA
Walkin' in LA, nobody walks in LA
Walkin' in LA
Walkin' in LA, only a nobody walks in LA

A bit of 80's music nostalgia. On Monday we didn't' do much of anything. The weather was crappy and it felt nice just to chill. The only exciting thing was a Costco run. On Tuesday the weather was a little better, but we were unsure. We decided to risk it and head downtown. You see the last time Kitty and I were in LA, I discovered that there was an actual downtown. I had always assumed that there were a bunch of skyscrapers in a small area, but that was about it. In driving around I saw an old downtown that looked run down, but there could be cool things there. I wanted to explore! So with the help of albear we hopped on the subway in search of Old Skool LA. And we found it! Broadway was the heart of old LA. I was blown away by the architecture! Most is rundown and very ghetto, but the potential is there for a massive urban renewal project. Dex told me that the Renaissance has already begun and I predict that many of the vacant blighted buildings that we saw will be million-dollar condos in about 10 years. My other theory was that LA is a little behind the great urban revolution because it is one of America's new cities. Whereas New York and Chicago have already undergone a dramatic renovation, LA is just a little behind the times.

I insisted that we eat at Clifton's Cafeteria which I saw featured on a news show. It's an Old Skool place that just underwent a renovation. Unfortunately the food was mediocre and the service was lacking. Oh well. We tried. We then wandered around a bit more and ended up at the library. It was a very impressive building on the inside. I messed around in the genealogical section a bit and then we were off for more adventure. Unfortunately the weather decided to turn extremely crappy so we bailed for the subway home. Overall it was a lot of fun! I would definitely do it again and try to find more hidden treasures.

In reading the "Bosch" detective books, he mentions sitting in a parking lot staring up at a giant mural of Anthony Quinn. Found it!


Al took me to the Bradbury Building which is a living museum. Supposedly parts of "Blad Runner" were filmed here.


The old LA Theater. Hopefully it will once again be hosting events in the future. Look at the details!


The inside atrium of the LA Library. It even goes 4 stories underground.


Old meets new. The view from Pershing Park

Monday, January 9th, 2017
10:47 am
Sunny California
I made it safely to The Domain on Saturday. The storm that crippled ABQ on Friday morning was nowhere to be seen by the afternoon when I hit the road. In fact you wouldn't have even known there had been storm by the time I was 10 miles west of town. It was an easy trip to Williams, AZ where I bedded down for the night. The next morning I was off again. Surprisingly the only rain of note I encountered was in the heart of the Mojave Desert. I had told Al and Dex to expect me around 12:30 and I pulled into their driveway at 12:25. It was then time to chill and get our drink on.

On Sunday they took me to lunch at a Asian restaurant with their Thai neighbor. She had told them about the place and they fell in love with it. You can either cook meat on a grill or put it in a pot of soup. You pay for each plate of goodies you cook. 4 of us stuffed ourselves for just over $20.

In the afternoon I paid a visit to my aunt who only lives around 4 miles from Al and Dex. She's in her upper 80's and is succumbing to the ravages of Parkinsons. My cousin is taking care of her. I always thought of him as something of a loser since he is my age but has never lived anywhere else nor has ever had a steady job. But I saw the way he was taking care of his mother and gained a whole new respect for him. It's an incredibly hard job and he is doing it well. We all talked for a few hours about family history. I showed my aunt all sorts of pics from 70 years ago and she still had the knowledge of who everyone was. Unfortunately she got tired very quickly and ended up falling asleep. That was ok. My cousin and I talked about a lot of stuff. I then picked a ton of lemons and tangerines that they had growing in their yard. No need to raid an orchard this year!

I have no plans for today. The weather in SoCal is extremely shitty. I'm watching with great interest what is happening in the north part of the state. They are predicting a rain-on-snow event for the Sierras. This is the fear of all hydrologists. It can release a hell of a lot of water in a very short period of time. It's a lose-lose situation in terms of water management. When I left ABQ on Friday, our own snowpack was up at 189% of median. That's freakin' fantastic! Hopefully it will all come off nice and slowly in May.
Friday, January 6th, 2017
9:10 am
Commute From Hell
I have only had a few worse commutes than my one this morning. Last night we had a mixture of rain, sleet, and snow, which turned the roads into mini ice skating rinks by morning. I was between a rock and a hard place. Had this been a typical morning I would have said, "Screw this!" and called in sick. Heck, I was even only scheduled to work half a day today anyway. But I was also going to be gone for over a week. There were a couple of little things to clean up before I left. So I decided to brave the elements. *sigh* The shit I do because of an anal-retentive boss. So I hit the road and made it safely to work in just about an hour. The morning commute normally takes me about 20 minutes. I'm glad that people were cautious. They were just a little too overly cautious. Better safe than sorry. I did see a couple of spin-outs, usually pick ups that probably had rear-wheel drive and not enough weight in the back. I'm hoping that the Sun will come out and start to clear things up by late morning. I plan on hitting the road to LA by mid afternoon just to put some miles between me and ABQ and make the rest of the drive a little more manageable tomorrow. To those that are going to FC...see you in San Jose!
Wednesday, January 4th, 2017
8:39 am
Bad Furry Thoughts
I just opened up today's MSN Money page to see what the market was doing. One of the big losers today was a company called UniFirst Corp. Their stock symbol was UNF. Right below that was a picture of a giant inflatable kangaroo at the Consumer Electronics Show from Dish Network. You can tell where my mind went. I think I have to go use the bathroom. ;oP
Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017
1:27 pm
Welcome, 2017
I'm back at work for a whole 4 days before I'm off to FC. Lots of end-of-the-year stuff needs to get done in that time.

I rang in the new year in typical fashion, dressed as Bad Bunny. We went outside at midnight and played "Fireworks or Gunshots." Fortunately the gunshots sounded quite a distance away while neighbors nearby set off some pretty impressive mortars. We toasted with a wonderful demi sec champagne I found at the local mega liquor store. Of course this was all part of the larger furmeet that attracted about 40 furs. I had originally planned to just throw a bunch of frozen snacks into the oven, but then the local supermarket had turkey on sale a few weeks ago, so I roasted up a 16 pounder. Put out a bunch of dinner rolls and people could make their own turkey sliders. It worked! Someone else made a couple of batches of decadent mashed potatoes and it was a hit. I was going to light a fire outside but unfortunately it had rained earlier in the day and all of the wood was wet. Even thought it was cold and damp outside it didn't stop a bunch of people from playing games out on the patio. The party broke up not too long after midnight as most people wanted to beat the drunk drivers on the road. Several of us got together the next morning for our usual post-party breakfast at a local Village Inn. It was the perfect way to welcome in the new year.
Saturday, December 31st, 2016
1:44 pm
Mesa Update - 2016 Edition
Last year I made a post about the development up on the mesa. I used to make regular updates about what was going on up there, but I decided to just make an end-of-the-year post after last year. So here's this year's post! At the end of 2015 there were 24 houses up there. I said that 2016 would be a busy year and I was correct! The number of homes doubled over the year. Here is the current map.


There are already another several lots that have been leveled or have foundations ready to be poured, so 2017 will probably be another big year. Oh, and the mystery of Lot 18 has been solved. It a non-gated gated community. 4 individual houses have been built and that appears to be the method of development. As I mentioned earlier, most of the lots up there are individually owned. There are a couple of development companies that have multiple lots, but for the most part, everything is custom-built. Unit 18 is completely walled in, but is still part of the overall development. Perhaps they'll eventually put up a gate, but I kinda doubt it.

Happy New Year to all of my LJ friends. I hope 2017 will be good for everyone. I'm celebrating right now in tilt_longtail fashion with a 12-pack of Schlitz.
Friday, December 30th, 2016
11:14 am
Out With the Old
I pulled the trigger on the new tv yesterday. We are now the proud owners of a Samsung 65" 4K UHD. It cost less than 1/2 of what the Sony cost me 11 years ago. We hooked it up in a manner of minutes and were blown away by the quality. Let's hope this one lasts as long if not longer! Who knows. The way technology is advancing we'll all have holographic theaters in our homes by 2028.

What blew me away was the simplicity of the setup. Pretty much everything is hooked up with an HDMI cable. If you looked at the back of the old set there were numerous inputs from HDMI to RCA to optical. I bought my stereo receiver the same day I bought the t.v. so that I could have surround sound, and now it is a dinosaur as well. I don't even know if it had an HDMI input. I achieved surround sound with an optical cable from the cable box. Optical was going to be the wave of the future! I saw that modern receivers have a whole slew of HDMI inputs. I also have a rat's nest of speaker wires running to the 5 speakers plus subwoofer. I bet everything is pretty much wireless now. I suppose I should also get a new DVD player, but heck, the way things are going, DVDs will be as obsolete as laser discs in a few years. I hate to get rid of my DVD player, however, because it's a dual VHS player. I bought it in 2003 when albear and dexter_fox came to ABQ for our very first Furry Thanksgiving. What a weekend to remember!
Thursday, December 29th, 2016
12:49 pm
New Tech Time
I have had a nice "stay-cation" this week. On Tuesday I decided to upgrade my phone since I have had the POS LG phone for the past 2 years. I got a nice new Samsung which I hope will have a better functioning GPS. I also decided to do a little insurance shopping since my car insurance is due next week and it felt like Allstate was ass raping me. They were. I went with AAA and my bill was cut in half for the same coverage. I switched over my home insurance as well and the savings story was the same. Other than that it has basically been just chillin' in front of the tube and binge watching stuff. I finished season 2 of "The Wire" and season 3 of "Oz." Kitty and I have gotten hooked on "Stranger Things" and will probably finish it tonight. Hopefully we'll have a new tv. It seems like the one I bought 11 years ago to the day has started having issues. The picture randomly shuts off and then restarts. Kitty looked up the problem and it appears to be a major one. So I opened up the Best Buy ad and found a comparable set for probably about the same price as having this dinosaur repaired. Now my problem will be disposing of this thing. Here is the post from 2006 when we were the proud new parents.
Sunday, December 25th, 2016
1:18 pm
New Traditionalists
Merry Christmas to all of my LJ friends especially those Devo fans who will appreciate the title.

For about the first 20 years of my life there were several Christmas traditions. Christmas Eve was always at my grandma's (mom's mom) with my 2 sets of aunts and uncles and my 8 cousins. Christmas Day was at my dad's sister's with his side of the family. Those traditions died with the deaths of my grandma and aunt. Plus all of us kids grew up, went to school, got married, and went our separate ways. I never established any new traditions for myself. One year I camped out in the AZ desert. Other years I set up luminaria in front of the house which is a Southwest tradition. Here in ABQ I had nothing going on until I discovered Furry.

Back in 2004 I got the idea of heading down to Old Town Plaza, where the City set up hundreds of luminaria, and doing some guerrilla fursuiting as Nevada. It was a huge hit so we continued to do it again the next year. Before I knew it I had a new tradition on my paws! I missed a couple of years due to cruises, but it was one of those things that I just had to do! And I found out that my appearances were also appreciated by others who sought me out to get an annual pic with Santa Bear. So last night the tradition continued. We hit the Plaza very early which was good because we managed to easily find parking and we were able to meet up with a reporter from the local paper who took pics and interviewed Kitty. Here is the link to the pic. It was a windy night so luminaria all over the Plaza were randomly bursting into flames. Kitty was my handler and she wore an open-faced Pooh suit. Our roommate wore an open-faced Bear in the Big Blue House suit which fit him very well. Surprisingly kids (and adults) were asking for hugs and pics from all of us. We lasted for about 2 hours before we decided to call it quits. The crowd was getting huge and we were all starving since we hadn't had dinner yet. We made it home and had green chile chicken casserole that Kitty had put together the day before. It was then time to chill in front of the t.v. and watch "It's a Wonderful Life" while sipping bourbon. This morning the traditions continued with me donning my pink bunny suit and curling up in front of the t.v. to watch "A Christmas Story" while nomming on holiday fruit bread which I had baked yesterday. Now it's time to get my prime rib into the oven! Once again...Merry Christmas to all!
Friday, December 23rd, 2016
8:29 am
Meat and the Lion
Last year I made a post about buying an expensive cut of meat to serve for Xmas dinner. I decided to do a repeat performance this year. I went to Costco and bought a boneless prime rib. I had been doing some research about what makes a prime rib a prime rib. There is no such cut as "prime rib" but rather it's a rib roast that has been given the designation as USDA Prime which is above "Choice" which is above "Select." If you see a standing rib or ribeye roast in a supermarket it's probably "Choice." So I once again bought the real deal. It priced out at just over $80. So that now holds the record for the most expensive hunk of meat I have ever purchased. Last week I saw a whole standing rib roast at a supermarket with a pricetag of over $120. Yikes!

Buying the meat made me think about something I call, "staying one step ahead of the lion." On Thanksgiving Kitty asked all of us around the table what we're thankful for. I told everyone that I was happy that I was still one step ahead of the lion. I then explained what I meant. The lion could be a metaphor for death. The lion could also be a metaphor for anything bad that life could throw at you. scritchwuff actually took my metaphor and expanded it to even better explain what I had meant. I'm thankful that for many things I don't have to keep looking over my shoulder for many different lions. So many people out there are constantly under threat of the lions of homelessness, hunger, loneliness, addiction, etc. I have made the right decisions in my life so far that I don't have to worry about those lions. Of course WWIII could break out tomorrow and the lions will be set free for all of us, but I am in a position now of incredible comfort which I am thankful for every day. I can walk into a Costco and not bat an eye dropping $80 for a piece of meat. I can pass the display of top-shelf whiskey and grab a bottle because I want to. I can go online and buy Kitty a Christmas gift and not care about the price because I love her. (I put that in here to drive her nuts because she has been bugging me to give her a clue as to what it is. Bwaa haa haa! Not until Sunday!) So my Christmas wish for all of you is to get to a place in your life where you can just enjoy life with having to fear lions.

Today marks my last day of work for 2016. I've got Christmas carols cranked up which will culminate with the annual playing of "The Nutcracker." I will then meet Kitty for lunch since we both have been give the afternoon off. Next week will be a stay-cation for me. Binge watch time! Then it's a short week of work to start 2017. Then it's time to hit the road and hang out with albear and dexter_fox before FC.

I should also mention that from all of my genealogical research, today marks the 74th anniversary of the death of my grandpa. It was a truly horrible Christmas for my mom back then when she was only 16 years old. That lion was a real bastard.
Sunday, December 18th, 2016
3:07 pm
Crackin My Nuts
The Christmas spirit is building slowly. Yesterday we went to a production of "The Nutcracker." It was put on by a local group, so it was nothing awesome, but even though many of the performers were amateurs, they did their very best. The primary performers were definitely on their game. There was also a live orchestra, so that added a lot to the show. The whole concept was that it was related to New Mexico, so some of the dances in the 2nd act had Southwest flair. Of course my main interest in the first act is the rat and mice costumes. They were all done very well and the person performing the Rat King had a great comic streak. In act 2 there were kids in jackelope costumes, sheep costumes, and one in a roadrunner costume. The Spanish Dance brought down the house because it combined ballet with Flamenco. That's REALLY big in these parts. I'd say that probably 90% of the audience was there because they knew a performer.

We have also started watching classic Christmas specials like "The Year Without a Santa Claus" and "Santa Claus is Coming To Town." The other day I popped in "Christmas Vacation." We also caught "A Muppet Christmas Carol" which neither of us had seen. Highly recommended! To top things off I also watched "Bad Santa" which was on demand. We might give "The Krampus" a watch later.
Saturday, December 17th, 2016
10:46 am
Bad Christmas Songs
Of course the radio waves have been chock full of Christmas songs over the past few weeks (or possibly even months for some of you unlucky ones). I am amazed at how many songs don't even mention Christmas or the holidays. Many songs simply mention winter or snow, but not the holiday per se. They have simply become the soundtrack of the season. I was a bit shocked when I heard that "Baby, It's Cold Outside" was mentioned as one of the worst songs for the season. Really?!? I kinda like that song. But then I started carefully listening to the lyrics. Holy cow! Was this thing written by Bill Cosby?!? It truly is a borderline date rape song especially when she mentions, "What's in this drink?" My own personal "worst Christmas song" vote goes to Nat King Cole's "The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot." It's the most maudlin, schmaltzy, song I have ever heard. Listen for yourself.

This doesn't include novelty songs which were meant to be bad or shocking. He was being dead serious. It's right up there with Elvis singing "In the Ghetto."
Friday, December 16th, 2016
8:35 am
Family History
Once again I have to thank whitetail for showing me the genealogy website Family Search. I play around on it almost every day to find pieces of my family history puzzle. I'm glad our government was so intrusive! Old death certificates usually contained mother's maiden name as well as occupation of the deceased. So now I know that one of my great great grandfathers was a cigar maker and another worked for the street car system. The whole thing started with me wanting to know about my father's aunts and uncles since he never talked about them. According to my mom there was some bad blood between my father's mom and her in-laws, so they were not talked about. Having been exposed to family drama on that side of the family, I can certainly see how family can drift apart. Distance can also play a factor. I'm pretty sure one of his uncles moved from Chicago to New York. One other nice thing is that I found the names of cities in Czechoslovakia and Poland where my relatives immigrated from in the late 1800's and early 1900's. I even found someone on Facebook with the same last name as myself in the city in Czechoslovakia where my great grandfather came from. It might be fun to contact him, but I have also found many dead ends where the connection, if any, would be many many generations back. I can certainly see how this stuff could get addicting. Having some connection to a place in the distant past is somehow comforting.
Tuesday, December 13th, 2016
9:49 am
Classic Movie Update
We're still chipping away at the list to have watched all of the Best Picture winners as well as all of the movies on the AFI Top 100. Here are the latest 4.

"Going My Way" - Best Picture winner in 1944. It's Bing Crosby as a young idealistic priest trying to save a struggling parish in NYC. I saw a review that said it was well acted and directed, but pure schmaltz. Well, it was released during the height of WWII, so people were really looking for feel-good escapism. And this movie certainly delivers. It also won for Best Song with "Swinging on a Star" which is very anti-furry. It asks if you would like to swing on a star or be an animal. Duh! Would I want to carry moonbeams home in a jar or be a fish? Sorry. I have to go with "The Incredible Mr Limpet" on that one.

"Mr Smith Goes to Washington" - #29 on the AFI list. Classic Frank Capra with Jimmy Stewart playing a US Senator trying to do right by the little guy, but finds himself in the cesspool of Washington politics. What this movie proves to me is that people have been complaining about corruption in politics for a loooong time. Even in 1939 people thought that Congress was corrupt. We just constantly hope that more Jimmy Stewarts will come along to do the right thing for America. A must-see movie despite all of its wide-eyed-doe idealism.

"You Can't Take It With You" - Best Picture Winner of 1938. More Frank Capra idealism. It's like "It's a Wonderful Life" in reverse. Evil Lionel Barrymore (Mr Potter) is the good guy in this film as an eccentric old man who refuses to sell his house to a big business developer. Jimmy Stewart starts out as one of the bad businessmen, but he eventually sees the light.

"The Treasure of the Sierra Madre" - #30 on the AFI list. Bogey stars as an American trying to strike it rich in Mexico. Gold can cause men to do evil things, however, which can lead to madness and death. The movie that gave us the classic line, "Badges?!? We ain't got no badges. We don't need no badges. I don't have to show you any stinking badges!" Made even more famous in "Blazing Saddles."
Thursday, December 8th, 2016
8:03 am
A Dedication
Yesterday I had a fursuiting gig as Otto Otter. This was one of those events that I love. I was actually asked to perform! Someone had seen my performance at the local wildlife refuge a couple of months ago and later contacted me to see if I would be interested in performing at a children's book fair. Oh hell yeah! I didn't know what to expect, but when I pulled up to the venue and saw buses and buses full of kids arriving, I knew I would be in for something big. The event was sponsored by the local county commissioner. It was in a poor part of the county and kids can't afford books for themselves. Each kid was given an age-appropriate book to encourage reading habits. The mascots were invited to provide a little entertainment. I performed with Smokey, Puddles the Duck (USFWS), and Buddy Bison (NPS). The event was late in the afternoon, so Kitty was able to join me after work to be my handler. And boy! Did I need a handler! Kids everywhere!

All the time I was in suit, I kept thinking about Quasi. I really wanted to dedicate my performance to him. He was a true fursuiter and performer. I think we had a mutual admiration for each other since we were about the same age and here we were, 2 old farts putting on animal costumes. We weren't there to stand in one place and wave. We wanted to bring characters to life! And that's just what I did. We were blindsided by the event sponsors by having us all stand in front of the kids and then wanting us to dance. The other 3 suiters were a bit shocked, but I busted out moves like I was at a con dance. If music was playing, I was dancing. Towards the end of the event I had my own little collection of little girls who loved dancing with the big otter. I was even asked by the real little ones if I was real. Of course! Magic! Illusion...maintained! So thank you, Quasi, for being an inspiration to some of us suiters out there. You had "it" and I shall try to keep that legacy going.
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