Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Birthday Furmeet

Kitty and I are up in the loft playing on out computers after yet another successful furmeet. This one was a combination Thanksgiving/Nov birthday meet. Normally we open up the house for TG, but this year we're going to have a very low-key dinner with just a couple of people. Of course since Nov is Kitty's birthday, this furmeet was a little more special. I set up a taco bar which seemed to be very well received. I also special-ordered a cake from the local supermarket which ended up being incredibly tasty. It wasn't as big as some of our past furmeets, but it was a very good time. I was able to keep up with the demand for food. So now we're just chilling out before bed. I have my glass of whiskey (it makes me feel better), the dishes are done, the recyclables are ready to be taken out, and the house is back to normal. *sits back all satisfied* This is what it's all about.
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