Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

First Snow

I just thought I would make a quick entry about the weather so I can compare conditions 10-20 years down the road (if LJ or I still exist). We got a light dusting in town and, judging from the news reports, it varied greatly depending on where you were. I checked the SNOTEL data this morning and the mountains received 10-20". Woohoo! A great start! Hopefully it will just keep on comin' (L.M.D.!) It's been mentioned that this has been one of the earlier snow events. Having been here 16 years I can certainly see that. It did make me think of the time I was driving from Yuma to Chicago for Thanksgiving in the mid-90's. I stopped in ABQ for the night because the weather started getting crappy. I had Anubis with me and he refused to get out of the truck because he didn't like the sleet that was falling. I just left him in the truck for the night with a blanket. The next morning was bright and sunny. We proceeded eastward and I saw that my idea to stop had been a good one. They received a few inches of snow around Santa Rosa. That would have been fun to have driven through at night.
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