Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Extreme Dog Walking - 2016 Edition

Every year it seems that I go on at least one walkie where I start to fear for my life because of lightning. In years past it was a great concern because I was literally the tallest thing around up on the mesa. Now there are homes and street lights, so I feel a little more at ease despite the truly random nature of where lightning wants to strike. Yesterday I had my first walk of the year where I actually started to get very nervous even though there were no strikes anywhere near me. There were some impressive cloud-to-ground strikes a few miles to the south, but nothing too close. The reason I got so nervous was because a storm suddenly popped up overhead in just a matter of minutes. It had been happening all afternoon according to the radar. Even Kitty told me that while she was home there was a *flash* *boom* which terrified the critters. That must have been about the time where the radar went from nothing, to a yellow blob over the house, to nothing over the course of 3 updates. So I just prayed that while I was exposed on the mesa, the nice blackening cloud would not decide to throw off a random bolt. I got lucky. In fact it just sort of rolled on to the east and not do much of anything.
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