Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Bomb Scare

Yesterday when I was typing up my LJ entry, our receptionist came into my office and told me that the building was being evacuated. Our security guard found a suspicious package/device at the front of the building and called 911. Most people went to the muster spot where we go for fire drills. Since it was a chilly morning and I didn't have a jacket, I took refuge in my vehicle where I would be warm and could listen to NPR. My boss finally called me and told me I had to be with everyone else, so off I went to the meeting area which was now at least in the sun. While we were all milling about someone noticed an unattended car with the trunk open and a backpack in the back. This started a new wave of paranoia. We were told to move further down the block. Someone decided, "Fuck this. I'm going for coffee." This started a mass exodus to Starbucks a couple of blocks away. Since I'm a cheap mofo I went to the Carl's Jr across the parking lot and got a breakfast biscuit and coffee for about the same price as a Starbuck's coffee. We all just hung out and waited for the bomb squad to do their thing with their robot. We still haven't heard the whole story, but I did notice some sort of electronic device about the size of a small suitcase while I was on my way to Carl's. It was probably just some treasure that some bum left behind.
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