Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Chile Roast

I decided to harvest most of my chile peppers yesterday. I had ignored my pepper plants for the most part because I only use a few peppers in my cooking. I mainly harvested bell peppers when I cooked up a Denver omelette or made curried chicken and peppers. I just let the green chile and anchos/poblanos grow on their own. I knew I was going to have a nice crop because I could see the dark green poblanos dripping off of the plants. I checked out the green chile about a month ago and saw that I had big beautiful peppers that would rival anything in the store. It was probably the best crop I had ever grown. There was no rush to harvest them since we had just bought and processed a 30-lb bag. I experimented with roasting a few just after our purchase and realized that it was so much easier roasting and peeling the home-grown ones. So yesterday I did a roast-and-peel with almost all the peppers in the garden. I wasn't sure about the poblanos, but almost everything I read said I should roast them. Everything turned out just great. It's now time to make some chile rellenos!

Screw your chestnuts! In New Mexico it's chile roasting on an open fire!

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