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Bear Droppings
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Monday, June 24th, 2019
7:24 am
Saturday was the annual furmeet at Fur Central. The consensus was that we finally got our groove back after a few years of drama. I think the total head count was around 60 with a total of 15 fursuiters. Even Pissy Toad made a special guest appearance as it hopped across the patio. It was an interesting meet because we also had members of a film crew who are making a horror movie and wanted a furry subplot. It was basically them coming to see furries in their natural habitat. They had several local furs working on the production. There was talk of filming at the meet, but it was decided that it would be best not to. After talking with the director and the producer I started getting a bad feeling about things. Having seen enough "making of" and or mockumentaries about how Hollywood works, them saying that "we're too normal" means to me that they would then have to "spice things up" to sell tickets. That then translates into possibly another "CSI." But they were fun to talk to. They brought a karaoke machine since they thought they could possibly film a scene where their "star" would sing to a bunch of furries. She get cold feet, however, when one of our own, who sings theater, got up and performed a song from "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" and brought the house down.

So hopefully we have turned the corner and the drama of the past is put behind us. We have people in our group who attend functions with the splinter groups and the general feeling with the other groups is "meh." We had a few folks who have been away for a few years and they came back to open paws. It feels like we're in a good place. Sure, there's some small relationship drama that goes on since there will always be breakups, but we tell folks to just stay civil. So far so good.

Monday, June 17th, 2019
7:40 am
Saturday marked the ending of the 2018-19 theater season. The last musical was "Beautiful" which was the life story of Carole King. It was a "jukebox musical" in that all of the songs were previous-released hits just repackaged with a story. Think "Jersey Boys," and to a lesser extent "Mama Mia." Since King was a prolific songwriter in the 60's who scored a bunch of hits with her co-writer husband, there was a plethora of material to fill the musical bill. To add even more musical availability, their best friends were also song writers, so those tunes could be added as well. The show concludes with the release of her solo album "Tapestry" which ranks as one of the Top 100 albums of all time. So there's lots of familiar music to be heard. I'm still on the fence about the whole "jukebox musical" concept, but the show actually worked.

It wasn't even a complete "date night" since we had a big lunch earlier in the day and decided to just graze in the sponsors' lounge as our dinner. So now we await the arrival of our tickets for the 2019-20 season. We found out that "Hamilton" won't be here until '21. But we'll be one of the first "smaller" cities to get it.
Friday, June 14th, 2019
7:15 am
The Wet Sprocket
A few posts back I mention a toad that has been spotted in my yard. Last night just after sunset I was watering the garden when I heard a rustling in some leaves. I saw something hop and figured it was my little toad buddy again. It was! So I grabbed him and held him far away from my body. Sure enough he pissed all over the place. I wanted to get a pic of him, so I tossed him into a small bucket and went to grab the camera. Ta-da! I present to you, Mr/Ms Pissy Toad!

Monday, June 10th, 2019
7:28 am
The KC Shuffle
I had been trying to figure out what would be a good airfare to fly to KC in September like I had mentioned in a previous post. The base price would be based on driving the 1600 mile round trip. That would be about 80 gallons of gasoline at $2.50/gallon, so about $200. Of course that would also mean 2 days of nothing but driving. So when I checked flights on Expedia, I saw that the cheapest flights were about $250/person round trip. OK. Not too bad. Southwest was still being idiotic and asking over $700. I suppose that's an improvement from the $1000 they were asking a couple of weeks ago. I had also considered Amtrak since it goes between here and there. They too were asking about $700 if I wanted a sleeper. And once again that would mean 2 days on the train. So I decided to go for the fare on Expedia which would mean American Airlines.

One reason I usually like Southwest is because they don't dick around with the fare. Sure, you have to be ready to hit that confirmation button exactly 24 hours before your flight to avoid the dreaded "C" boarding pass, but I never had a problem getting a "B" and my choice of seat. With American if you don't pay more money (like $100!!!) your seat will be chosen for you when you get to the airport. Fine! You want to give me the middle seat? It won't be hell for me. It will be for the schmuck that paid the $100 to get a window or aisle and ended up next to me.

Then I noticed that Expedia liked to play games. You book a base fare for the round trip based on your departing flight. It then figures out the additional cost on the return flight based on your preferences. So it came up with a price of $230/person and my return flight was an addition $0 for a total cost of $460. I then added a rental car for the weekend which would add $100. OK. Done. Not so fast. It said the car I wanted was no longer available. Start again. So I rebooked the flight, and now the cost was only $190! Woot! I then booked the return flight which had gone from $0 to $40. The net result was a change of $0. Oh. And the $100 car was now $200. WTF?!? So I decided to just book the flight and deal with a car later. I priced out the flights again and it was back to $230/$0. Oy! Fine. Booked! Done. It then asked me if I wanted that extra $100 to book a seat. No. Would I like to book a car? Sure! Guess what? The price was back down to $100. So I booked it. Done. I know airline fare algorithms are complex things, but this was ridiculous. But we're booked and ready to have a fun weekend in a few months.
Thursday, June 6th, 2019
9:26 pm
Toad Water Sports
I just came inside from sitting on the patio. It was a lovely evening and I was just chillin'. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something flop on the sidewalk near the garden. I jumped up and pursued it. It was another Great Plains Toad! This is not the first time these little bastards have shown up in my yard. At a furmeet in 2010 someone walked up to me and showed me this rather large toad which she said was in my back yard. It was then that I looked up "uplands toads" and discovered that Great Plains Toads were found in the area. So even though I'm 2.5 miles and a few hundred feet higher in elevation from the Rio Grande, I can still get toads in my yard. They reappeared on August 5, 2015 where I made an LJ post about sitting on the upper patio and hearing a *plop* behind me where I found a another toad. Actually on that night I found a few of them.

So back to tonight. I found the toad and grabbed it. I was happy to see the little bugger. I carried it to the patio door to show Kitty. As she came to the door to look at it, the little bastard must have gotten really nervous and decided to piss all over my hand. For a little fucker he must have had a huge bladder! I wanted to get a picture of it, but Kitty didn't want to open the door since there were cats trying desperately to get outside where they were sure to turn the toad into a cat toy. She couldn't really pass my phone out to me to get a pic since my paws were full of toad and piss. So I let the little bastard go in the lawn and went to thoroughly clean my paws.
Monday, June 3rd, 2019
8:00 am
A Bruisin' for Cruisin'
Last Thanksgiving Al, Dex, Scritch, Kitty, and I were sitting around reminiscing about the great time we had on the Panama Canal cruise which was over Christmas and New Years. Since we all get together for Thanksgiving anyway, maybe there was a cruise over Thanksgiving in '19 that we could all take. In seconds Kitty had her phone out and found a Celebrity Cruise to the southern Caribbean over the holiday. In minutes we all had our reservations. The one thing I didn't think about was the day the ship got back to port; the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Ouch! The worst travel day of the year! I came up with a plan that if airfares were $100 more to fly out on Sunday as opposed to Monday, we might as well stay over until Monday since the savings would be more than an extra night in a nice hotel.

I got a call from Al and Dex yesterday (always a pleasure!) and they booked their air travel since Southwest finally opened the reservation window for those dates. I checked the fares for flying out on that Sunday and it was ass rape without lube. Monday at least had some lube. They were flying out on Wednesday when fares were back to normal, or I may dare say, downright cheap. Since Kitty is in a new job, she can't afford to take off that much time, so we'll be flying back at ass crack of dawn on Tuesday. The fare difference was over $300, so 2 nights in a nice hotel is far cheaper.

I've also had some other bad experiences with airfares in the recent past. There's a financial conference in Kansas City in September. We drove to it last year, and it wasn't bad. But driving 12 hours is a bit of a drag, even with 2 people. I thought we could fly in and just rent a car. I know Southwest had 1 direct flight to KC. When I priced it out for both of us, it came out to about $1000. WTF?!? I decided to check American, and the fare was half that. So I haven't booked that trip yet. I'm hoping Southwest will come to its senses and offer fares like $100 each way per person. Now I know why I like to drive so much compared to flying.
Thursday, May 30th, 2019
7:43 am
The Promised Pic
I finally got around to downloading my camera. I needed to upload them onto my work's network drive to show that I actually did some "work" yesterday. I mainly wanted to shoot small diversion structures. I also wanted to check out a road that I helped to wash out a few years ago. A bunch of us water people wanted a high flow that would cause geomorphic work e.g. move sandbars, erode islands, create habitats, and erode banks. Well, we eroded one bank real good. Only one person uses that road and she hates the government (except when she lets her cows graze on federal lands for almost nothing.) So when she complained, everyone put on their sad face and said, "Gee! That's too bad!" But the Forest Service built her a new road and everything is right with the world again. Here's a nice shot of Abiquiu Reservoir in the heart of Georgia O'Keefe country.

Wednesday, May 29th, 2019
11:05 am
Aero Bear
It was predicted that May would be the month for high flows in the Rio Grande. That was partially true. Things really started to get interesting at the beginning of the month as flows shot up with the advent of some warm weather. That was tempered, however, by a cold front. Then it warmed up again. Yay! Here it comes! Another cold front. Wash, rinse, repeat again. Actually, it was a blessing in disguise. instead of a massive peak (like in the Midwest) we have been having a slow, steady runoff. Some of our water gets brought into the basin via a tunnel from the other side of the Continental Divide. If the runoff comes to quickly, the tunnel maxes out and water gets "wasted" downstream. This year, just as the tunnel reached capacity, one of those cold spells slowed things down. We are at channel capacity below one of our dams, but that's no big deal. All of the other reservoirs are storing like they should. It helps when you start the year at historic low levels thanks to the previous year being one of the worst on record.

But since there was a threat of high water, a contract was issued for regular flights to monitor the river specially the levees. Since I'm in Water Ops, I was asked if I would like a seat on one of the flights. I said, "Sure!" So this morning I got a nice little 2-hour flight along the Rio Grande from ABQ up to Espanola. I took a bunch of pics but mostly of boring river features. I had the pilot detour up the Rio Chama where our main dams are. It's a beautiful area (pics are somewhere on LJ from a previous rafting trip), but flows were way down from their max a few weeks ago. It did give me a chance to see how those flows altered the river channel, however, so it was worthwhile. Maybe I'll post a pic or 2 tomorrow if any are scenic. I guess there are a few perks working for the gubbmint.
Monday, May 27th, 2019
1:21 pm
Back in ABQ
I left Mom's on Saturday and pushed on to Hutchinson KS on my first night. It's a little shithole town, but it is just past the halfway point. I was greeted by a line of severe storms which I enjoyed with a glass of whiskey in the front of the motel. The action was 175 miles south at El Reno. Of course I immediately thought about allaboutweather.

The next morning I was greeted by a constant dull roar at about 5 a.m. I pulled back the curtains to see pounding rain, lightning, and non-stop thunder. Fortunately it was a small squall line and things cleared up by the time I left. There was tons of flooding all around. Most creeks were going apeshit. I guess it has been going on for the past several weeks.

I then hit thick fog near the KS/OK border. Fortunately traffic was light so it was no big deal. I rolled into the home driveway at about 3. I was greeted by a sudden downburst which only lasted a few minutes. During the 5 o'clock news they said there was a tornado spotted near Clayton. I had rolled through there about 5 hours earlier. I did see a mobile radar rolling down the road that morning, so the storm chasers were in the vicinity.

It's good to be back home. Mom is doing OK. Her legs are bothering her a little more and she can't walk all that far. Our little outing to the supermarket really wore her out, but she was happy for the adventure. We had lunch with her 2 brothers on Friday which also cheered her up. It was funny to hang out with my one uncle. He and I butted heads about 15 years ago after the death of my Dad. I guess he felt that he was the patriarch of the family and tried to dominate me. I basically told him to fuck off since I didn't need another father figure in my life. Now he's older and more mellow and I gained more maturity as well. We had a great conversation. I also impressed the hell out of him when I told him I planned on retiring in 2022. He was all "Go for it!" So hopefully Mom can stay independent until then. I love her greatly, but I just can't spend a lot of time living with her. Her hearing is shot and her TVs are all set to max volume. I have to shout to be heard above the din of the TV. Unfortunately her other brother told her that hearing aids were horrible, so she refuses to get one. *sigh* Her cooking skills have also deteriorated as well. She just doesn't like cooking any more. It shows. I have to encourage her to go out to eat so I don't have to eat her cooking. We'll see how she is when I plan on heading out there again in October.
Thursday, May 23rd, 2019
8:14 pm
The word for this post is "serendipity." My Mom had mentioned that I should call my cousin and chat with her. She is just one year older than me, she never married, and has struggled over the years with her career. But she's always happy-go-lucky and takes the time to check up on Mom from time to time. So I called her up and we talked about random things. I mentioned that I planned on hitting up the Polish supermarket to get food. She mentioned that she had read about a local chain opening up a new store in the western suburbs and they had quite a selection of ethnic food. We finally decided to meet up there and perhaps have dinner afterward. I would bring Mom along so she could have an adventure as well.

The place was called "Pete's" and judging from the ad it was a cross between Sprouts, Trader Joe's, and Whole Foods. My expectations we fairly low. It looked like just another supermarket. When we got inside, however, all of my expectations were blown out of the water. I knew this was something special when I walked down the mustard aisle and was presented with about 50-100 varieties of mustard. Unlike most supermarkets where you have a wall of some major brand with a smattering of smaller brands, here there was a small space allocated to bunches and bunches of brands. Walmart is the worst! You have a monoculture of their discount brand to the exclusion of everything else. Here you had choices that would make your head explode.

Their meat department was huge, and I picked up a couple of fresh Polish sausages (we had them for dinner tonight and the verdict was "meh." They needed more "bam.") Then we discovered the Polish aisle. O...M...G! They had EVERYTHING! I posted here on LJ awhile back that I'm happy to be at this stage in my life when price/cost doesn't really concern me any more. I can afford simple pleasures without question. That totally clicked in at this point. I loaded up the cart with as much tasty/weird ethnic food as I could. There were pickled beets, sauerkraut, horseradish, cabbage salads, mushrooms, all kinds of weird soups from borscht to sour rye, and bizarre beverages like fermented rye soda. I wanted to try anything and everything. I loaded up the cart with reckless abandon.

My Mom and cousin got mesmerized by the jam/jelly aisle where they were confronted by several dozen flavors. I went down the Asian aisle and found several dozen varieties of lentils/beans as well as a few dozen varieties of rice. I picked up some wasabi powder from Japan for those times I cook up seared ahi tuna. The beer aisle had lots of Polish beer as well as beers from around the world. There was a hot food section that would put any mall food court to shame. By the time I hit the checkout, I was exhausted! And I managed to leave with a cart full of wild and wacky food for under $100.

Just in case Pete's turned out to be a bust, there was a branch of the Polish store I usually go to right across the street. We headed over there after dinner so I could pick up 10 lbs of Polish sausage as well as several packages of pirogi. Normally I would also pick up several cases of Polish beer for when my homies come over for Thanksgiving weekend, but since we'll be partying on a cruise this year, it wasn't that big of a concern. It was a moot point, however, since this branch didn't sell liquor. We provided the cashier with huge lulz when Mom and I got to the checkout at the same time. I told Mom that the store didn't have a liquor department. Mom blurted out "No beer?!?" and the clerk lost it. Here was this little old Polish lady totally shocked that there was no beer! She was still laughing and going "No beer?!?" as we walked out the door. I luvs my Mom!
Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019
1:56 pm
The Visit to Mom's
I'm back in Cicero for a few days for my annual visit to Mom's. I left ABQ on Sunday, a day later than usual since I had to attend Kitty's concert on Saturday. The drive was uneventful to Abeline, KS where I rolled in with plenty of time to grab some food and hunker down in my hotel room for the "GoT" finale.

The next day I followed my preferred route through Atchison, KS knowing the bridge over the Missouri River was open again. At one point the westbound lane was now a makeshift levee to at least keep the road open with one lane controlled by a temporary traffic light. Yay! Flooding! I then tried a new route which would closely follow a direct line between ABQ and CHI. That was a failure. I ended up on a state highway that was narrow with lots of hills and curves. That wouldn't be bad, but I ended up behind a truck. I have no idea why there were so many trucks on this little highway since there were no major industries. Stay on the damn interstates! Then there was construction. Oy! I finally rolled into home a little after 6.

So I'm just chilling with Mom. I got her air conditioners put in the windows. Temps went from 55 yesterday to 85 today. Crazy. I've already had my obligatory White Castle and Henry's hot dog. We're off to the Polish grocery store this evening for sausage and pierogi. I should be on my way back to ABQ on Saturday.
Friday, May 17th, 2019
7:53 am
It was a mid-week date night as we went to see the furriest musical on Broadway. OK. I forgot about "The Lion King." But "Cats" led the way. I saw it back in the 80's when it was still THE thing; the"Hamilton" of its day. I had to check the good ol' LJ archives to remember that it was 2005 when I saw it last here in ABQ. I was still in my "furry high" phase and so I just HAD to see it. I must say that I really enjoyed this particular performance. It seemed that in the previous shows the costumes were a little more stylized. They still are, but full-body cat-print spandex is to die for! I was especially happy to see Old Deuteronomy come out in almost a full open-faced fursuit. All he needed was some big paws. I know that the musical is pretty nonsensical, but I just shut off that logical side of the brain and enjoyed the singing and dancing. And the dancers were superb.

All through the performance I kept thinking about the last season of "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt." Struggling artist Titus goes to see "Cats" and thinks he could do it. Everything looks all made up! So he dresses up in an outrageous furry costume and joins the actors on stage when they run out into the audience (which they DID do doing our performance). Soon he's up on stage singing and dancing with the cast. It's revealed to him after the show that all of the actors got there the same way. There WAS no plot or lyrics. Everyone just made shit up. That was the beauty of "Cats."
Tuesday, May 14th, 2019
7:39 am
Almost a Shitshow
I'll be making my annual roadtrip to visit Mom next week. I noticed that my driver's license was about to expire, so I made the trek to the MVD to get it renewed. I would have had to have done it soon anyway since our state's licenses are not "Real ID" compliant meaning next year you couldn't use it to board a plane. We have lots of "Express" offices around town that will process the paperwork for a fee. It just seems stupid to pay someone $20 to process a $34 license. So I decided to try my luck at the State office. There were no cute sloths working there but the line sure moved like it. It took me just under an hour to get called. I had all sorts of ID with me; birth certificate, SS card, passport, and of course old license. So I shit a brick when she said I also needed proof of address like a utility bill or some other official mail. Shit! I was going to have to come back. But wait! I could pull up bank statements online! That worked. *phew* So she processed my paperwork and sent me to another clerk. Shit. So I wait another 15 minutes. Finally I get my paperwork processed and my picture taken. All that remains is the eye test. I look into the little box and I can't see shit. My eyes just refuse to focus. I read line 1. Wrong. I read line 2. Wrong. Shit! I'm not going to pass! The clerk gets distracted and starts talking with a co-worker. I pull my head back a little bit to see if I can finally get the letters to focus. Suddenly line 5 pops into clarity. I quickly ramble off the letters and she says, "OK. You pass." I think it's time for a visit to the eye doctor when I get back. I know my eyes are starting to go to shit, but this was ridiculous. Of course I'm thinking the entire time, "No! I don't want to come back to this ring of hell again!" At least wear sloth fursuits.
Friday, May 10th, 2019
8:17 am
Happy Transcontinental Railroad Day!
It was on this date 150 years ago that the golden spike was driven at Promontory Summit UT thus completing the first transcontinental railroad. It's amazing to think about how far transportation has come in those 150 years. Of course I'm a train nut, so I love reading and hearing about how trains have changed our history. We don't even think about going between New York and LA, but imagine if you had to sail around the tip of South America to do it. Perhaps you could trek across the isthmus of Panama to cut out some time, but you had to hope you didn't get malaria or yellow fever in the process. Maybe one day we'll have Supertrain that can get us from New York to LA in only 36 hours!
Tuesday, May 7th, 2019
1:03 pm
What The Bear Is Watching
Another bookmark in my media life

"Love, Death, and Robots" - Netflix - I almost binged the entire 1st season in 2 sittings. It actually took a few more after I got distracted. I love short animation and this is the animation equivalent of "Black Mirror." Lots of cool new styles and new storytelling. One episode included a kitsune and one included a werewolf soldier in Afghanistan. Furry points!

"Curb Your Enthusiasm" - This show has been on HBO since the early 2000's, but I have only discovered it recently. There's an Internet meme going around where someone does something stupid, and then they play the closing credits from the show. It's the updated version of "Keyboard Cat Plays Him Off." The show is very Seinfeld-esque mainly because Larry Sanders wrote most of the episodes of "Seinfeld."
And that's the premise of the show. He made a ton of money off of "Seinfeld" so now he lives as a neurotic Jew writer in LA. 5 seasons down...5 to go!

"Killing Eve" - BBC America - We discovered this show last year and fell in love with it. Sandra Oh won an Emmy for her portrayal of a British MI6 analyst who gets targeted for love and death by a psychotic Russian assassin.

"American Gods" - Starz - I wrote about this show in my last LJ installment a couple of months ago. The jury was still out as I made my way through Season 1. Now I'm at the end of Season 2 and I think I will call it quits. Just throwing a bunch of weird shit together doesn't necessarily make for good television.

"Barry" - HBO - A hitman wants to give up his life to become an actor. I'm a little lukewarm on the show. I like it but I don't necessarily love it. I'll see how I feel once I get to the end of Season 2.

"Billions" - Showtime - I've written about this show in the past and am still loving it. It's probably my favorite show at the moment. It gives me an inside look into how the 1% live and how fucked up it is as everyone tries to screw everyone else.

"The Chi" - Showtime - Another show I've already written about. A show about the lives of black folk on the south (west) side of Chicago. The acting is good and it's the antithesis of "Billions" in seeing how the bottom 1% live.

And of course there is "Game of Thrones." 'Nuff said.
Friday, May 3rd, 2019
7:08 am
A Bit Rattled
I'd have to check in the old LJ archive to see when I last posted about one, but for the first time in over a decade I ran into a rattlesnake on walkies. It was on the path going from the back of my house to the top of the mesa. I was on my way back down when I heard something like the rattling of leaves. I immediately looked because it sounded like something moving through the underbrush. It was actually the snake giving me a short rattle. I whipped out my phone and took a couple of pics (no selfies!). I then started back on my way. It was that motion that got it concerned and it immediately assumed the attack position. Don't worry, buddy. I ain't gonna fuck with you. It never did give a full-on angry rattle. So now I'm paranoid once again about the cats. Seeing that it has been so long since I have seen one, hopefully I won't see another for another decade.

Monday, April 29th, 2019
8:25 am
Getting My Claws Dirty
I normally wait until the 1st weekend of May (or even Mothers' Day) to plant my garden, but this year I decided to get a jump on things. We hit the nursery on Saturday where I picked up 12 green chile plants, 12 poblano chiles, 7 tomatoes, and a cluster of onion seedlings. I spent yesterday planting all of that. It took some time since I also had to re-establish my stepping stone paths through the garden. I'm also largely abandoning my little garden where I have planted for the past 15 years. It's just a pain in the ass to get up there and the weeds/grass just take over by July. I might just plant cucumbers up there and let them go wild. I still have to plant carrots, beans, and radishes. I know I should have planted those first a few weeks ago, but oh well. What's kind of funny is that I have "wild" lettuce growing all over the garden. I planted some last year and got a few harvests, but then I just let it go to seed. Obviously it liked the location because whether I want it or not, I have a lettuce crop coming in.

In other plant news I have a tree update. As I had feared the one night that fell below freezing in late March killed the apricot crop. I had dozens of little green fuzzy balls for a short period of time but then they all disappeared. The nectarine tree which I posted a pic of either here or on Stupidbook which was in full flower looks like it will be a prolific producer this year! The same can be said for its cousin the peach tree. I could also see a fairly good apple crop as well, judging from fruit that looks to be forming. The cherry tree is a little disappointing, but it's only its second year, so I'll cut it some slack. At least it flowered this year. I hunted for fruit and found 1.
Sunday, April 28th, 2019
7:54 am
Che Malambo
Last year when we were picking out shows to see over the course of the next year, I saw something called "Che Malambo" which looked interesting. It's an Argentinean dance troupe that incorporates drumming, latin guitar, and bolas. We went to the show on Friday night and we were blown away. Kitty was not sure about the whole thing. We've seen a lot of different dance groups over the year and she seemed pretty "meh" about the whole idea. As we were leaving the theater, however, she was gushing over how awesome the show was. Here's a sample of what we saw:
Friday, April 26th, 2019
12:44 pm
Oh! That's LA!
I'm back from the El Paso trip. It was a pretty good time. I gave my presentation at an irrigation district office in El Paso. They were kind enough to cater a lunch for us and their employees. I must say that there is a big difference between New Mexico Mexican and Texas Mexican. But both are extremely tasty! Rather than drive back on the same day which probably would have brought us back around 8 or 9, we stayed down in Las Cruces. We were able to eat dinner at a nice local place and it was great that my managers picked up my beer tab. This morning we headed back to ABQ. I decided to fill out my travel voucher right away. I noticed the picture on the travel website and immediately went "Oh! That's LA!" I then played "GeoGuesser" to try to figure out where the pic was taken. It looks like it was taken on the 3rd St Bridge over the 110 Freeway. I can just hear albear going, "Yeah! Duh!" Here's the pic from the travel website.

Thursday, April 25th, 2019
7:09 am
Out in the West Texas Town of El Paso
I probably won't fall in love with a Mexican girl.

I'll be heading down there today to give my 4th and final presentation about what we think the spring runoff season will look like. I gave the presentation last Wednesday for co-workers, kind of trial run. I then presented to the public on the next day. That had about 40 people in attendance. Then I gave it again yesterday to water managers from different agencies. Finally today I present to the southern irrigation districts. This is a bit of a shitshow since I rarely deal with these folks. There is a water manager down south that could probably do a much better job, but there is a pissing contest that has been going on for a few years as to which office makes the decisions. For years the El Paso office was given a lot of autonomy. Then the head manager down there started acting like he was in charge, so the manager up here decided to put him in his place by forcing decisions to come from this office. Like I said, a huge pissing contest. So I will take a day off to travel and do my little dog and pony show.
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