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Begin Chapter (n+1)

I don't know what chapter my life was at last week, but a new chapter is now being started.

I left ABQ last Fri for the 10 hour trip up to Salt Lake City. I arrived just after 5 and hooked up with my sweetie not too much later. We snuggled for a bit and then went downtown to hook up with wipeout_ut at Appleby's. We were also joined by t_wolf. I was pretty wiped after the long drive, so we all broke up after a late dinner. Well, my coon accompanied me back to the motel.

On Saturday zen went home to take care of some things and I went to Denny's for breakfast. We hooked back up and then went over to Wipeout's where we loaded up his suit and headed up to Park City. keeganfox was kind enough to drive us all up there. We found an underground parking garage and suited up. I wore Sabot this time. We then hit Main Street for some good-time guerrilla fursuiting. There were quite a few tourists, so it was a good time. Some drunk bar patrons yelled across the street "Where's the furry convention?" On our way back they asked for a furpile, but instead we just posed for some pics. It was a great time! Photos will be posted shortly.

We returned to Salt Lake and I got to play "meet the parents." Zen's folks had a BBQ in honor of their son who was leaving to start a gay relationship with a man not too much younger than themselves. Oh yeah. Good times! *chuckles* OK, it went very well. I hope I was able to put their minds at ease a little bit that I was a good person.

After the BBQ we hooked up with Wipeout again and hit a piano bar. Zen's mundane friends were there to give him a little sendoff. The beer was great and the music and atmosphere were wonderful. They finally squeezed in my request for "The Time Warp" just before we left.

Sunday we loaded up both vehicles with stuff and we were on the road. It's a very beautiful drive through the 4-corners region. It's mostly 2-lane roads, but the traffic was pretty light for the most part. We got back just before 7 and proceeded to crash not too long after everything was unpacked.

And so now our life begins. We'll see how this crazy little thing called love works out.
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