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There was some speculation that once zen and I settled down, I would suddenly disappear from the cyber-world. I promised that wouldn't happen. So what happens? I have barely turned on my pc at home over the past 3 days. Part of it is caused by my new life. Rather than make dinner and eat it in front of the screen, I eat with zen either at the table or in front of the t.v. while watching a movie. Last night zen had wanted to see "Meet the Feebles." He was anxious to see what Peter Jackson had done before "L.o.t.R." Needless to say that zen was rather shocked and disturbed. I myself am looking for a pic of Sebastian fox to make into an icon with the word "Sodomy!" on it. *grins*

I have also not been online much because I am still feeling pretty sick. It's not a cold or flu. It's something else. I took a day off from work earlier in the week. I hope this goes away soon. I even consulted my doctor, but he said it was nothing to worry about. Grumpf. So lets just say that I haven't been in the most chatty moods lately anyway. I am still keeping up with LJ (for the most part). I will hopefully be getting more and more into a routine with zen over the next few weeks. Hopefully we will get a wireless Internet hub established so we can both be on at the same time. And it looks like I have another fursuiting gig lined out for the weekend at Talking Talons thanks to feralmuse. OK. Back to work. Or chat. Whatever comes first.
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