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One Step Closer

I got a call from carol_kitty as I was leaving work yesterday. The casting agent wants me in Hollywood in October for a screen test. *happy bear dance* And I saw that CSI showed the furry episode yet again last night. I'm glad, really. The more furry comes to the forefront, the more opportunities there will be to get out there and put a better light on it.

I am hoping for a new "first" this weekend; 2 fursuiting gigs on the same day with different characters. Tomorrow morning I will perform as Sabot at Wildlife West as they break ground on their new bear habitat. In the afternoon Animal Humane will be once again putting on little performances at the Explora kids museum. I will suit up as Zunipup to lure people into the theater.

I'm glad all of this is happening. Last week when I got into my funk, for a brief time, I just felt like giving it all up. I started to think that suiting had lost its magic. It was becoming a chore, not a joy. Well, the fire has been re-lit in my belly. I truly love doing this. And in other news that I will put in the "don't count my chickens before they hatch" file, I will still hopefully take possession of most of the fursuits that the Santa Fe Opera has stored in their basement. There is a whole lot of drama behind the story which could be better told by Carol or by my new LJ friends from the opera, divabear and divafox. The deal could still fall through somehow, but if not, I could end up with a lot of pretty cool stuff. I know I am making camerapup drool. Mwaa haa haa!
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