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Olympic Memories

I must say that I have been really getting into these Olympics. Last night I watched one of the most awesome stories unfold as Paul Hamm came back from a disastrous fall to squeak by and snag the gold. It was also awesome to watch the U.S. Women's swim team not only win gold, but smash a world's record in the 4x200. I really like the coverage this year. I have been watching boxing on MSNBC. I posted in someone's LJ that I really enjoy real boxing, not the mob-influenced-ear-biting-money-grubbing-pay-per-view-Don-King-bullshit that we typically see. I have been surprised that I have been enjoying gymnastics so much. I usually hate "subjective" sports where there is judging. I much prefer the straight races where the fastest wins or sports with scores where there is a definite winner and loser. I can't wait to see some water polo. That looks soooooo hard. And it's soooooo exciting.

I started thinking about Olympics past. I remember Seoul in '88 very well. I was a complete junkie. I must have watched 8 hours a day. If it was on, I was watching. I completely missed Barcelona in '92. I watched some Atlanta in '96. I was watching the night of the bombing. That really sucked. I missed most of Sydney in '00 because I was touring southern Africa at the time. I watched some of the events at hotels when I had the chance.

I mentioned earlier that I really like the coverage. I think NBC finally got the message that people were really sick of the long profiles of the athletes or the long history lessons about either the sport or the countries. I wrote a scathing email after the Atlanta games telling them that they should just let the drama unfold by showing the events. We didn't need to be spoon-fed hype to make the games more enjoyable. Obviously many people felt the same way. It's also nice that NBC has different cable outlets so that more sports could be shown. I just wish they showed more different sports at the same time.

And does anyone remember the infamous "Triple-cast?" *LOL* NBC charged like $100+ so that you could get 3 channels of sports. I believe it was for the Atlanta games. The crickets chirped loudly. I think they lost a bunch on that fiasco.
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