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You are looking a one PISSED OFF BEAR!!!!! I was supposed to go to a conference in Boulder CO today. More importantly, to me, was that I was going to meet thrashbear who was going to introduce me to some of his friends. After going through all of the airport security bullshit, I hear a page for me. I'm thinking I should ignore it, but I go ahead and pick it up. Sure enough. There is a big "crisis" in the office, and my trip is cancelled. I am amazed at the amount of self control I displayed. Basically because I really don't feel like getting fired. So now I'm back here at my desk, doing a slowburn. I think I'll get drunk tonight. HEY! At least I'll get to talk to my online buddies tonight. AND now I'll have plenty of time to get ready for my furmeet this Saturday! Wheeeeeee! A silver lining! Gotta love sarcasm.

Once again.....I'm sooooooooooo sorry Thrash. *HUGS*
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