Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
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Last night I took zen out to the Outback for a nice dinner after we had taken Anubis for his walkies. We just sat and joked and ate like 2 good friends. We went back home and snuggled a bit. I don't know exactly how zen is feeling, but I think we are at a very comfortable point right now. We're both excited about MFM. The drive with tenax should be fun. I broke out a Dr. Demento cd on the drive to the restaurant and zen was laughing most of the way. I'm sure in addition to the Doctor there will be some Frank Zappa and They Might Be Giants as well for the 32-hour RT drive to Memphis.

In other news, George W. was here in ABQ yesterday about 2 blocks away from the office. Traffic was FUBAR but I managed to escape.
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