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Into the Woods

I always found it interesting that most furries rarely ventured far into the natural environment where they would be far from their internet connection. One of the reasons why overzen and I hit it off right away was because he was an outdoor furry. We decided to go camping this past weekend. I chose the Mt. Taylor area to the west of ABQ since it is a relatively little used area and has a nice summit to bag. We spent a lazy Saturday getting prepared. By early afternoon we were loaded up and on the road. We got to my favorite campsite at around 2:30. Soon we had boots on our feet and off we went on the 2 mile, 2,000' vertical gain trail to the summit.

It was a beautiful Summer day. A few black clouds threatened near the end, but there was no bad weather. Unlike 2 years ago when the hills were a parched brown, the slopes were plastered with beautiful wildflowers. As I had anticipated, the hike took around 2.5 hours. We hung out atop the 11,300' summit for a bit and then headed back down, still unsure about the intentions of a few black clouds. Back at the campsite, we gathered firewood and prepared to cook spaghetti for dinner. After a yummy dinner we let the darkness come in all around us before beating it back slightly with a nice friendly fire. By 10:00 we were sacked out in the back of the Explorer.

Since this was essentially a shakedown trip for me, I, of course, forgot certain things. Like warm clothes. I am used to sleeping with the windows wide open at my den. Things are a bit cooler at 9,300'. I started shivering so badly I had to break out my dad's old WWII wool blanket (in addition to the blankets we were already using). That did the trick. In the morning I woke up 1st to get a fire going. Soon the sun was up and we were eating bowls of oatmeal. We packed up and I took a different way back to the highway.

The rest of the day was spent watching dvd's and getting chores done. Overall it was a very nice and relaxing weekend.
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