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The MFM Report

I made it back to ABQ yesterday with overzen and tenax. After some green chile cheeseburgers, we unloaded the Furmobile and Tenax headed home. We had decided to leave Memphis on Mon. afternoon as opposed to Tue. morning. That was a good move. We had made it to OK City on Mon which cut yesterday's drive to 10 hours. We could have done some sightseeing on Mon, but it was so damn hot and humid, nobody was in the mood.

The con was very nice. Overall, I had a good time. The most important part of a con is the people. It's awesome to meet folks for the 1st time, to meet them FTF for the 1st time, or to be with old friends once again. The best moment at the con for me was to be a part of Sub Level 3's video shoot. I spent about 3 hours in suit on Sun with over a dozen other suiters making a video. It even got CSI-yiffy at one point which was much fun. I can't wait to see the finished product.

So hear's a shoutout to those people that made the con a memorable experience:

The roommates: overzen, berin, tenax, bradhound, amaruk. You guys rock! I hope you enjoyed the rooms, the parties, and the friendship.

People I met for the 1st time FTF:
averageeveryday a.k.a. Poipoi Panda a.k.a. Podamy Panda. YOU ARE AWESOME! Thanks for the conbadge. Everybody.....commission this wonderful furson!

erf What a wonderful drunk german shepard. You are hella-fun! and it was fun to mount you as well. *grins*

tygercowboy What can I say? We don't chat all that often, but it was great to finally meet the man/tiger behind the "legend." And I got my slurp too! Yay!

I also met some great folks for the very first time at the con. I had a wonderful chat with linnaeus who also brought me some beer! Yay! And a super friendly fursuiter who I didn't realize at the time was animecat.

Thanks to those that showed up for the room parties. They were small but friendly affairs. Special thanks goes out to rockwolf, freakylynx, tigrekat, jimwolf24(Ohhhh, yessss!), merashallan and his mate nispero, and the always wild and crazy bennetfox.

I hope I didn't forget anyone. There were many others that I met and yerfed with, especially the old a.l.f. bunch. I was happy to give a nice carved badger fetish to badjahsensei. Hopefully it made him a less grumpy badger for a bit *grins*

I'm looking forward to an equally wonderful con in 2 months at MFF. I hope to see those of you that couldn't make this con.

P.S. If you haven't tried the catfish place down the street from the hotel, you should. Mmmmmmm. Catfish and hushpuppies. Murrrrrrrr.
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