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A whole lotta catchin' up to do

Geez, I have kept up reading all of my friends' LJ's but I haven't updated in over a week. To spare those that just like to skim, I'll put everything behind cuts. Most stories revolve around food and friends. But the fursuit story is an interesting read. So without further ado...

On Wednesday cubstatik and nonamecub stopped by my den on the way from LA to Oklahoma City. They had Nanaki the happy husky with them. Anubis was pleased at first, but then tired of the young dogs energy. Think a 7-year-old playing with a 70-year-old. Since I had stuffed myself at Sadie's restaurant earlier that day for lunch, I decided to take them out to Garduno's, another local favorite. tenax had a business meeting in ABQ that afternoon, so he came over and joined us. Good food and good friends. That can't be beat! We planned on returning to my den for some alcoholic goodness, but they were so wiped out from the day's drive, they crashed almost immediately.

On Thursday carol_kitty arrived from LA. The cubs were kind enough to go see a movie while I went to pick her up and return her to my den. Much snuggling ensued as soon as I got her into the house. It just felt so right to have her in my paws. After snugglefest we headed out to the Blue Corn Cafe where we would meet the cubs. The food was awesome and in huge proportions. The place is also a brewpub, so we enjoyed yummy beer as well. I had invited jeil_kitty to join us. He had no money, but we had so much extra food that he got a good meal out of it. We planned on heading back to the den for some alcoholic goodness, but we were all so stuffed that we all crashed right in the middle of "Monty Python and the Holy Grail."

I called in sick Friday morning to spend more time with my kitty. In the afternoon I was scheduled to man the water conservation exhibit at the State Fair. It was a warm afternoon, but they were giving away free watermelon right across from where we were set up. I had wanted to fursuit, but I wasn't sure if there would be someone else there with me. After the fair I headed home and fired up the BBQ to cook up some steaks for the cubs' farewell dinner. After chowing down we got them all loaded up and they headed out on the last leg of their journey. They wanted to drive across the Texas Panhandle at night. Could you blame them?

On Saturday the kitty and I spent a lazy morning around the den drinking coffee and chatting. We decided to go see "Hero." It was a visually stunning movie, but the whole plot seemed a bit convoluted. You're never sure what really happened and what was a dream/thought. After the movie I whipped up one of Carol's favorite stir fry dished I make, chicken with cucumber and garlic. I need to use up my cucumbers. My garden was a prolific producer this year. We curled up with "Signs" on the dvd player.

On Sunday we lazed around the house and watched "Pulp Fiction" after a breakfast of homemade hashbrowns and scrambled eggs. We were waiting for Carol's friend James who was the costume director for Santa Fe Opera. He was giving us all of the animal costumes which had been stored in the operahouse basement. All in all there were over 30 costumes. We were mega-excited to finally get our paws on those suits. He was supposed to be at my den before noon. He calls to say he is stuck in traffic. Fine. He goes to have a lunch date with a friend. He will be by after lunch. At 2 he still is not there. We call. Apparently he and his date are having some nice yiff. He will be by in an hour. 2 hours later he calls to say he is on his way. Carol says he sounds loopy. He calls to say that he is a couple of blocks away, but 15 minutes later he is nowhere to be seen. We try to give him directions, but he still doesn't show up. I get in my vehicle to try to look for him. He says he is a few blocks away, but he is nowhere to be found. Carol has him on one phone and me on the other. I am yelling at Carol to just have him tell her what street he was on. He can't tell her. I am getting furious. He says he's in a burger joint's parking lot. I get there, and there is no one there. Carol can't get him to tell her where he is. Finally we tell him to go to a Circle K that he knows. I wait in the parking lot, and no one shows up. By this time I am boiling mad. This should not be that difficult! We finally determine that he is out of his head. Now it's not so much getting him to the den, but just getting him off the road. Something is seriously wrong. We're frantically trying to get him to tell us exactly where he is and to just STAY there. He finally says he's at his step-mother's house and passes the phone off to his step sister. She tells Carol that he went to throw up and is now asleep on the sofa. His step-mother arrives home and tells Carol that she called 911. There is nothing more that we can do, so we head off to dinner.

I just found out that they found a large dose of roofies in his system. The guy he met for lunch spiked his drink. A slightly higher dose would have killed him. The police have been notified. I hope that son-of-a-bitch gets the book thrown at him. James is now resting and the fursuits are safely locked in the truck at the stepmom's house.

We had made reservations at our favorite fondue restaurant, "The Melting Pot." Sorry, albear, I know you hate it when Carol goes on and on about it. We got our dimly lit corner table as requested. We ordered our favorite wine, Relax Reisling, and enjoyed our fondue dinner. Instead of getting a 2nd bottle of wine, we decided to get the pina colada you can share. OMG! The thing came in a glass the size of a small fishbowl. Half way through I had a giddy kitty. It didn't hit me nearly as hard. There was no room for dessert, but after the waitress dropped a fondue fork onto Carol's foot, we now have a dessert gift certificate for our next visit.
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