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Long-lost aunt

I had an interesting phone message waiting for me when I got home last night. It was a message from somebody in Chicago trying to reach my mom. I listened again and realized that it was my aunt whom I haven't spoken to in several years. I was a bit shocked and returned the call. She wasn't there, so I left a message telling her that my mom was most likely traveling to the East Coast with her brother to visit his daughters and grandkids. A few hours later she returns my call and we talk for awhile about what has been going on. She is from L.A. but was in Chicago visiting one of her sons. She had taken the train and so we talked a lot about train travel. I promised I would pay her a visit the next time I was in LA, which is likely in Dec.

It was great to hear from her again. We drifted apart after her daughter died a few years ago. Losing a child is never easy, and she took the loss very hard. When my dad died a year and a half ago she didn't come to the funeral. We were crushed that she didn't attend her own brother's funeral. In fact we didn't hear from her at all. We all assumed that she couldn't handle the grief. I felt bad not trying to make contact with her all the times I was in LA last year. Confurence was held only a few miles from her house in N. Hollywood. I remember looking longingly out the window of albear's car as we went up the 101 past the Victory Blvd. exit knowing that her house was just a few minutes away. I hope I can now rectify the situation and pay a visit to her and my uncle on my next visit.
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