Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
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Bitching about the boss

This morning most of the Water Operations branch was sitting around bitching about our boss. She was on vacation last week and everything ran smoothly. If the big boss had a question, he came directly to us and we provided him with the information he needed. We were included in meetings and conference calls with DC. Life was good. Well, our boss came back from vacation yesterday and morale took a dip. Soon we were dealing with menial tasks that she could have easily done herself, but it was easier to delegate. The flow of information from the big boss to us was now shut off as it had to flow through her. In most cases she feels like we're too stupid to handle the information. More than once Jack Nicholson's line from "A Few Good Men" kept running through my head. "You can't handle the truth!" Then my co-worker made a comment that perfectly described how my boss handles information. "She's like a turd that just won't flush!" And there's your quote for the day. It will be a good one. She's attending a leadership conference so she's out of our hair. Hopefully she'll learn something.
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