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Balloon Fiesta '04 Fursuiting Report

It started last night when tenax arrived at my den from Socorro at around 7:30. We headed off to the Olive Garden for dinner, saw the mass of people waiting to get in, and proceeded to Sweet Tomatoes for all-you-can-eat soup and salad goodness. After dinner we headed back to my den and awaited the arrival of jeil_kitty. He shows up around 9:30 and we pop "Minority Report" into the dvd player. Having just watched it a few days earlier, I headed off to bed and crashed.

At 5:45 a.m. I woke up the troops and we prepared to depart to Balloon Fiesta Park. Jake, a.k.a. Nightrider, another local fur, was waiting for us as we walked out the door with fursuits in paw. We loaded up my Furmobile and off we went. Traffic was slow, but it moved. By the time we parked, bought tickets, made our way to the dressing tent, and suited up, it was 7:30. The balloons had already started taking off when we hit the crowds. We never made it very far.

Balloon Fiesta is a wonderful event! This year there were over 700 hot-air balloons. It is a very family-friendly event, so there are lots of kids. To top it off, it has been called "the most photographed event in the World" so there are cameras everywhere! It is a fursuiters dream! I suited the event last year, and for a couple of pics, you can check last year's report. Jeil and Jake did a great job as handlers and photographers. I will post pics as soon as I download them. It was a non-stop stream of kids for 2 straight hours. I wasn't able to fully enjoy the spectacle of a sky full of balloons, but I was in heaven entertaining the crowds.

By 10:30 the last of the balloons had taken flight, the crowds were slowly heading for the exits, and various acts were getting ready to perform on the stage. We de-suited and went in search of foodage. I suggested IHOP, but there was a huge crowd waiting to get in. The next stop was Hometown Buffet where we were quickly seated and stuffing our faces with breakfasty goodness. We then retreated to my den for much- needed showers. I did a quick check of movie times and saw that we could easily make the 12:40 showing of "Shaun of the Dead," so we went to see it. It was a very funny movie! It takes itself a little too seriously in parts, but it does a great send-up of zombie movies. The bear recommends it!

And now I am enjoying a gin and tonic and will soon be scarfing down my famous garlic chicken with cucumber stir-fry.
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