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Balloon Fiesta Pics

Here are a bunch of pics taken Saturday at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. According to the news, it was the largest crowd at the event in many many years. Along with me is tenax in his Ralph T. Wolf suit.

The sky full of balloons! (a small fraction of what was in the air)

Rather than post all of the pics directly, I thought I would just post the link to them. Lets see how this works. Tell me if you have a preference either way.

Ralph gets a hug

Sabot gives a hug

Sabot gets scared by a little girl

Sabot and Ralph work the crowd

Sabot admires "his" balloon

It's so big! Can I touch it?

Ralph gets jealous as Sabot gets the girl

Mmmmmmm. Ear wax!

Smokey is my beeotch!

Children are happy! Old women are concerned!

You dance divinely! Now I'm going to eat you
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