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Ode to a thunderstorm

Last night we had one of the best storms of the year pass right over my den. I had finished dinner and chores and as just about to hop online when I saw on the tv that a severe thunderstorm warning had just been posted for ABQ. There was a nice line of storms to the west marching eastward. They had a nice bright red radar signature. I went upstairs and started to chat with a few people when I noticed extremely bright lightning flashes outside. I shut down the computer and went outside to watch the spectacle. The storm was still a good ways off to the west, so I climbed the mesa to get a better look.

What I saw on top was nothing less than spectacular. The western sky looked like a WWII artillery bombardment. It was just non-stop, intensely bright, flashes. I estimated that the center of the storm was about 10 miles away and so I felt fairly safe being somewhat exposed on top of the mesa. I then noticed some cloud-to-cloud lightning that was passing directly overhead. There were horizontal bolts that were traveling the entire length of the stormcloud. I couldn't believe it to see bolts traveling what had to be 5-10 miles. There would be bolts on either end of the cloud with a long trailer between them. I started to freak out and quickly made it back down to the shelter of my patio. About 30 minutes later the brunt of the storm hit. There were intense bursts almost constantly. My eyes were blinded several times. Finally there was a flash/boom that let me know that it was time to head inside. I know the odds of getting hit by lightning are about the same as winning the lotto, and the best I've ever done is 2 numbers, but here I was sitting under a large aluminum patio cover. Not the place to be with a sky full of electricity.

I went to bed and drifted off to sleep to the distant rumble of thunder. I don't know what actually woke me up at 12:30, whether it was Anubis seeking comfort or just the cacophony of marble-sized hail pounding on the patio cover. I jumped out of bed and went outside to watch the new storm blow through. It was too cold and wet to enjoy it, so I retreated back inside. My tiredness finally caught up, and I headed off to bed. I saw on the morning news that in some places there was 6-8" of hail. More severe weather is forecast for today. That's ok with me. I love this stuff.
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