Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Tales of the Cursed Fursuits

This would almost make good fiction, but it's all true.

Back in July, carol_kitty was working at the Santa Fe Opera. One of the perks was that performers could buy old costumes for cheap (like $10 with a limit of 5 costumes) in order to help clean out the basement. I asked her if there were any animal costumes. She found a few and grabbed them. Since she was also staff, she was told she could have 10. Woohoo! She kept forgetting them on her desk and one day they were gone. The costume director, whom most everyone despised, changed her mind and said all costumes should remain in storage. This eventually lead to a big blowup between her, the assistant costume designer, and the performers. The result was that she was fired and her assistant, James, became costume director.

Everyone loved James. He was a nice guy to work with. Carol and he were good friends and so he decided to give her ALL of the animal costumes in storage. This was something like 40 fursuits. He knew they would go to a good home. He was going to deliver them to us a few weeks ago. Those that regularly read my LJ know that instead of coming to my den first he went on a date with a scoundrel who spiked his drink which killed him a week later. And so the suits sat in a truck at James' father and step mother's house.

Enter Tim, another opera performer and good friend of Carol. He flew in to ABQ to sing at the funeral and help get James' possessions squared away. He would deliver the suits to me on Wed. Cool. Well, things didn't work out. Maybe Thur. OK. I was expecting Tim at my den at 6. At 7, no Tim. I chatted with his g/f divafox whom I love and chat with regularly. It seems that there is a huge cat fight going on between James' mom and stepmom who hate each other. One of them wants to keep all of the costumes in memory of her son. Ummmmm. Sorry lady. James gave them to Carol, not you. The screaming is so bad that the cops are called. The fight is so bad that the cops arrest both of them. Finally! Tim can come over! He chats with me that he is on his way! Cool! But wait.....

30 minutes later there is still no Tim. WTF?!?! It is less than a mile to my den! I'm having flashbacks to the day the James was supposed to deliver the suits and ended up driving around in a drug-induced hallucination. In chatting with his g/f I find out that he has been stopped by the cops. WTF?!? It turns out that the psycho mother had reported the truck he was driving as stolen. The truck had been James' but the father had given it to him as a gift. So now they were getting the story all worked out. This should all be resolved shortly. But wait.....

As we were all trying to find out what was happening, his g/f was calling constantly trying to find out where he was. When everything gets resolved, he finally talks with her and snaps that he is sick of her calling so much. All the frayed nerves of the day come unraveled and a phone fight breaks out. So now everyone is upset. Tim doesn't want to come over to my den since he is too upset. But he's flying out of town the next day! What's going to happen to the suits? If he takes them back to the house, psycho mom will pull something stupid (once she's out of jail). Enter divabear another mutual friend to all who also has a condo in town. The last thing I heard was that the truck full of suits is parked safely at her condo. When will I get my paws on them? I haven't got a clue. The way things are going, my house will probably burst into flames as soon as I got them through the door.
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