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Deal of a Lifetime

A few days ago I wrote about obtaining a few dozen fursuits. carol_kitty has been doing all of the legwork, going to all of the shops. But it has now got to the point where the shops are calling her, asking if she wants more fursuits.

There was one place she had yet to visit. It was a costume warehouse that received costumes from all over, especially the major movie studios including Disney. Carol called and asked if they had fursuits for sale. Yes, on the order of 500!!! The woman at the warehouse seemed to be very excited that someone was interested in the fursuits. They were not selling and were taking up a lot of space. And so.....the deal was struck. In 2 weeks I will be taking a trip to SoCal to visit friends, but now I will also be purchasing 500 fursuits! It was a deal I could not refuse. It's an all or nothing deal, but from what carol has told me there are retired sports mascots as well as decommissioned suits from Disney. I think she really wants to just get rid of them, because within a few days she was calling Carol back and asking if we would be interested in 100 more that were due to arrive.

So I will be emptying a savings account to make this purchase. I hope I can sell a percentage and recoup my investment. The same deal holds as before. $50 buys you a fursuit. S&H will be extra which will most likely vary with size and weight of costume. I might even do international shipping. I will take delivery sometime in Dec. and it will take a little time to catalog and size everything. I might have to rent a storage unit for awhile as well. But this is my opportunity to launch my costume/mascot business.

Now most of you are shaking your heads thinking that I have gone off my rocker. Well, I have. Like I mentioned in the previous post, fursuiting means the world to me. It has been a desire of mine for 20 years and now it is my moment to shine and make a difference. I want every single person in the fandom who has ever considered fursuiting to have the opportunity to do so. Heck, the local costume place here in ABQ charges $80/day to rent a fursuit. Now you can buy one for less. Hopefully this will inspire folks to buy a suit and get out there and perform. Charities may be looking for mascots. Children's hospitals, the Special Olympics, humane associations, nature parks, even cities that host fairs and events. Anyone who wants to get out there and perform will now have the opportunity. If you own a suit already, now you can pick up an extra one for events you might not trust your good suit to. I also know that the fandom is close and tight-knit, so I'm hoping that this will spread by word-of-mouth. I'm not going to mess around with Furbid or eBay at this point, and as I said, this really won't get launched until the end of the year. I hope to be able to bring some suits to FC as well as transport those to the con from folks that are already interested in buying one.

OK. I'm ready for my straitjacket and rubber room now.
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