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The Beer Brewin' Bruin

Since I went back to my old ways of being a chat slut on Wed. night, I decided to go back to my older ways last night and brew a batch of beer. I hadn't done anything since the mead back in Jan. I guess that was my first rise in popularity when I brought a case of my wares to AC '03. Since the holidays are approaching I decided to whip up a batch of holiday spiced ale. This recipe hasn't let me down yet.

Pre boil:
rind of 5 oranges
2T whole cloves
4 sticks of cinnamon
1 ginger root in slices

This was seeped just prior to boil

Then added 6 lbs of generic amber malt extract. (My neighbor also brews but uses only grains. Somebody who works at a brewpub gave him 5 gallons on malt extract which he then passed on to me.)

2 lbs of honey (left over from the mead making)

added 2 oz of Ultra hop pellets at start of boil and 1 oz at T=30min.
Pitched British Ale yeast at 75 degrees.
Total batch size= 5 gallons.

So hopefully tonight I will be online again.

In suit news, Warehouse Lady called Carol and told her that the suit count will probably end up near 1000 with many very badly worn suits. We will take them off her hands in hopes that we will be able to salvage heads or paws or sell the fur at a discount to suit makers or those handy with a needle & thread or sewing machine.

Also, I guess we are officially in business! We shipped off our first suit to our dear friend griz593 who had ordered a black bear from us prior to the madness of the 500/1000 suits. We're deeply sorry that it couldn't be delivered before FurFright, but he should hopefully have it before Halloween. And it shouldn't have a bad case of fursuit funk.
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