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'49's Parade

This was weekend #2 of 4 consecutive fursuiting weekends. I just realized that I hadn't even posted about last weekend's event. Last Sunday there was the Celebration of Wildlife at Wildlife West. tenax and I suited for just under an hour. It was a small but fun event. This weekend was the '49's Parade down in Socorro. The town is the home of New Mexico Tech which used to (and probably still does) have a large school of mines. There was extensive mining just to the west in the late 1890's. This was the town's big annual celebration. Tenax asked the parade folks if we could march and we were given the green light.

This was my 3rd parade and Tenax's first. The weather was absolutely perfect for suiting. The temp was in the 50's and there was a lovely breeze. The parade route was somewhere between 1 and 2 miles long. We were allowed to drift during the parade which made things very easy for us. We started at the very head of the parade and just walked along slowly, shaking hands, posing for pics, and giving out hugs. By the time we hit the end of the route, we had drifted all the way to the very last entry. It worked out perfectly! Rather than de-suit in the parking lot, we both rode in the back of the pickup back to Tenax's lair. Many kudos and thanks to ari_foxy who was our handler and photographer. He did an outstanding job! And here's an example of his work:

And here are links to more pics:

I am OUTRAGED that fursuiters are allowed to run amok!

Boot Bush! And no fat chicks either!

So when the bear gets here, little girl, kick him in the crotch!

Just what the hell have you been telling these people?!?

I'm Sabot, and I support this message!

So...first the pic, and then you frisk us!

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