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Zoo Boo '04

Saturday was Zoo Boo at the Rio Grande Zoo. I had suited the event last year and had a wonderful time. I suited again this year and had an outstanding time! It is truly a fursuiters dream! It has all of the elements for a perfect event; lots of kids, lots of parents with cameras, and a venue that is all about animals. Combine all of that with the fact that many of the kids are dressed up in their own little fursuits, and you have furry heaven!

There were 8 of us total. Myself, carol_kitty, tenax, skitzycat, ari_foxy, local fur Nightrider, his handler, and his handler's g/f. We got to the zoo about 30 minutes before the event was supposed to get started, which means we were late. We struggled to get in and up to the stage where we could change. Soon I was dressed in Nevada, Tenax was Ralph, and I let Nightrider borrow Abbey. We hit the crowd and it was non-stop hugging and picture taking for 3.5 hours. Tenax couldn't believe that I stayed in suit the entire time. Outside of a few breaks for water, I just kept performing the whole time. I met one other fursuiter while I was there. Apparently the Greek Council for the university has a mascot. There is a pic later in the post. It finally took everyone else to pull me away from the kids to get me to surrender. I was completely soaked through! The Hawaiian shirt I was wearing over the suit was dripping. I guess I just don't know when to quit! After some quick showers back at the den, we headed off to a celebratory meal at Tucanos Brazilian Restaurant for all-you-can-eat meat goodness. Against my better judgment I let the group drag me next door to the theater to see "The Grudge." The best part of the movie was all of the teenagers in the theater MST3K'ing it.

Oh! And did someone mention pictures?

Daddy! I want the big plushie!

And now.....More pics!

The gang's all here!

You show me your thing. I'll show you mine

Bear hugs!

Hey! Do you really know that Shrek guy?

And this is how you pick a bear's nose!

I really like your big blue house

Sayonara, bear san


Hey, after the gig, my den or yours?

Look! Its a young ysengrin

Oh, and be sure to check out Skitzy's LJ where he posted a whole bunch of pics (behind a link) from the event.
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