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My trip to SoCal

I suppose I should say a few words about what else happened the past weekend that was not related to fursuit drama. I really like visiting SoCal. I amaze myself with the number of friends I have met there.

The highlights:

I enjoyed walking down Hollywood Blvd with my kitty and having lunch at an outrageously priced diner. At least Carol got to see a soap star.

It was great to see my kitty perform on the stage at Cal State Fullerton.

Nice to hang out with furs like voychael and stevefoxx.

Of course it was wonderful to spend a whole weekend with albear and dexter_fox

Tess' party was fun with over 70 furs in attendance. Got in some good yerf time with alohawolf, opiemasa, and brown_wolf. Got to meet and yerf with midnight_foxx who might be moving to NM next year. Of course I love head skritches from Stalking Cat. *melts* And I was very happy to meet n2kenai but very sad that I was heading out the door as he was coming in. I was leaving rather early because poor Dexter was getting sick.

Yeah, there must be something going around SoCal. Carol's friend's family all came down with a stomach flu. I came down with it on Friday. Carol came down with it Saturday. Maybe Dex caught it Saturday night, and Al came down with it on Sunday. Erf.

It was also very nice to have Sunday brunch with scruff_e_coyote and rapidtrabbit who had just flown in for the DooDah Parade next weekend.

All-in-all a terrific long weekend that I was able to share with friends.
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