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The MFF report

Yes, I'm finally back. After a massive roadtrip to Chicago with my Kitty to the con and Thanksgiving with family, I am back to the grind in New Mexico. What a long strange trip it's been.

The trip started waaaaaay back on the 17th. Weather was teh suck most of the way to Chicago. There's nothing quite as stressful as driving in the dark in the rain. We made to to my mom's place on Thursday night and dropped off the pets. Yes, Skookum and Anubis went along. After returning home from dinner with mom, Kitty noticed my tire was flat. Grumpf! So I changed it in my mom's garage and off to the con we went. Reality came to a nice standstill about 9 pm that night as I was pounced by several friends while walking to my room. I was enveloped in furry love for the next 60 hours or so. While we wanted to party, our bodies said, "No way!" and so we crashed hard.

To me cons are all about the people. The dealers den, art show, variety show, 2's show, and all the rest are nice, but I would rather just hang out and yerf with people I only get to communicate with through LJ or chat, maybe the occasional phone call. It's also about meeting people for the 1st time. Perhaps someone had heard of me through a friend or through the fursuit deal and wanted to meet me. That's what I love.

We were supposed to share a room with swift_fox and his wife, but they were unsure about our plans for late-night parties and so they backed out. That was o.k. We heard that rockwolf was in need of crash space, so we invited him to stay. He was fun to party with especially when you throw in quentincoyote, freakylynx, and titanwolf.

I finally got to meet lthrbear and damnbear. In the fursuit meet-and-greet I met dynoguru and devoss. I was pounced in the hall by a very cute auroralockwood and her mate. It was always good to get hugged and skritched by bradhound. And hugs were always given to and received from rjtremor. I loved giving hugs to pandaguy in his uber-kyoote raccoon suit. I wished I could have spent more time with berin, my brother bear, but when he's on staff, that's a tough thing. Always good to see badjahsensei as well, but he was busy on staff as well. And of course it was nice to see my beloved coon, overzen who gave me a nice "Office Space" t-shirt. Ummmm, yeah. I'm gonna need you to get to more cons so I can give you hugs. Yeah, that would be great. For a belated birthday present I gave him a Sandra San Tara raccoon painted feather.

Ah yes, the art show. I hadn't realized the bidding stopped on Saturday evening and so I thought all was lost. I only really missed out on one bear print since everything else I had bid on made it to voice auction. I didn't get the Dark Natasha bear print I really wanted. I had lost the original to Michelle Light at AC and now I lost a print to KBear. Oh well. Hopefully another print will show up at AC or FC. I did win a Dark Natasha original of "Serenade Meow" which is Kitty's Xmas present. Carol had a very fun moment with Uncle Kage at the auction. He got in her face trying to get her to bid higher. She was later able to get in his face when he wanted to bid on something.

Fursuiting was fun. I had brought both Sabot and Nevada. I loved clowning around with growlcoon and "mini-Growl." The parade was nice. The Fursuit Games were fun even when they were ended by the fire alarm. It was great standing outside of the hotel waving at all of the cars. I had to keep my kitty warm, standing in the cold night air. I was also pounced by kinkyturtle who was seeking warmth from us fursuiters. On Sunday I decided to fursuit a little more in the late evening and was swept up by a group of suiters who crashed a few parties. It was nice to yerf a little bit with sympolarbear whom I had wanted to talk to since we were on the same Critterlympic team at FC. Several of the suiters then wound up back in my room for a birthday party for Kitty.

I know there were several people I omitted from the report. There were just too many wonderful people there to list. I know right away that I forgot wipeout_ut whom I saw only briefly, sashapup and his incredible leather dog mask (murrrrrr), ysengrin who I now know what he looks like outside of his awesome suit, keeganfox, a_skunk, jbadger, rorydedog, tekfox, lonewolf_csu, lonefoxx, direwolf23, linnaeus and I'm sure a few more whom my smoking brain can't remember right now.

All in all, a very nice con. Like all cons, way too short. But fortunately less than 2 months to FC. I'll write more about my adventures in Chicago with Kitty tomorrow.
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