Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

The post-MFF report

While the con may have officially ended on Sunday night, Kitty and I stayed on until Monday morning. We said our goodbyes to all of the remaining furs. Quentin and Titan had afternoon flights, so they joined us for one last meal at Fridays. After bidding the pair bon voyage, we headed over to my mom's to spend the rest of the week.

The night before was Kitty's birthday, but I decided to save our special celebration until after the con. I kept my dinner plans a secret until the very last moment. We would be dining at the Signature Room on the 95th floor of the John Hancock Tower. Our table overlooked the inky blackness of Lake Michigan with the lights of the city to the south. We savored our meal of steak and venison with a delicious bottle of Australian riesling. After dessert of mousse cake and spiked coffee, we walked around the lounge for views of the entire city. It was about as romantic as it could get. The evening was topped off with a stroll down Michigan Ave and the Magnificent Mile.

Tuesday was free day at the Brookfield Zoo, so we made our pilgrimage to see the real furries. It was a cool and cloudy day and the animals were frisky. The polar bear was throwing around a crushed plastic container. We finally figured out what he was doing when food poured out. The big kodiak bear was taking a nice swim. The highlight came when we were watching the leopards. The 2 were frolicking right in front of the window and started yiffing about 2 feet from us. We wanted to make a phone post. *LOL* I then took Carol to a great Chicago eatery, White Castle.

After returning home we changed and headed off to the Civic Opera House. We went to see "The Cunning Little Vixen" Yes! A furry opera! The plot was very strange. The love scene made both of us cry. The costumes were very minimalist, unfortunately, so no really good fursuits. But overall it was a very good performance.

Wednesday was pretty much an open day. We decided to go see "The Incredibles" since we didn't get to when I was in LA. We both enjoyed it very much. When we stepped outside afterwards and it was sleeting. We drove to the car dealership to pick up my vehicle which had needed some work. After that it was over to Henry's Hot Dogs for some Chicago-style dogs. After that it was snowing pretty heavily. We made it home and just crashed.

Thanksgiving was spent at my mom's brother's house. Kitty got to meet part of the family. From the comments that were received, she will be welcomed into the family. It was a traditional meal with turkey and all the trimmings. We both admired my uncle's new plasma HDTV. We might not get a plasma, but we're definitely going big screen HD after Xmas! *drools*

On Friday we hit the road and drove to Wichita KS. I wanted to take Kitty down a different route so she could see more of the country. Iowa and Kansas....yay. It drizzled some more so the evening drive sucked. The drive continued on Saturday until we finally returned to ABQ. The only highlight that day was a brief stop in Liberal, KS to see Dorothy's house. I wanted to fursuit the Munchkinland playground. *chuckles*

And thus ended the great MFF '04 road trip. I hope to have another story in Jan, as we do the great FC '05 road trip. Hopefully with 100% less raccoon barf.
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