Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

The furry tree

I spent part of the weekend getting my Yule tree set up. I just began to hang ornaments yesterday when I decided to call it a night. I have an artificial tree. I can't see killing something to bring me joy for a month, and then throwing it away. I bought the tree back in 1993 at the K-Mart in Yuma on the day after Xmas when it was 50% off. I inherited a bunch of ornaments from my parents. I hung the same ones year after year. Finally last year I decided that I was going to have a furry themed tree. The year before when I had discovered furry there wasn't much of a Xmas as I spent it in a hospital room in Chicago watching my father wither away. But last year I bought a few bear ornaments from Hallmark and a few more at Walgreens and Petsmart after the holidays. This year I added a few more from Hallmark and some from the Brookfield Zoo.

I smiled when I saw my tree slowly filling up with bears, raccoons, and tigers. I hope to continue adding ornaments every year until it is truly personalized. I can pack away the simple glass balls and icicles which used to adorn the tree year after year.

BTW. There are a few pics of some of the suits we have already acquired posted in albufurque. Hopefully there will be some more good news this week. *crosses claws*
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