Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

The tree is up

Finished decorating the tree last night. I will take some pics tonight. I had a "cleansing" moment when I threw away a few cheap religious ornaments my mom gave me years ago. I never really liked them, but I had so few ornaments of my own that I put them up. I have no need for them now. I also "rediscovered" some furry ornaments that I had forgotten I had.

I was going to upload a few pics from MFF last night, but I got distacted with a chat with albear. I will get around to it tonight. And speaking of MFF, freakylynx (whose birthday is today. YAY!) noticed the SomethingAwful boards were active with anti-furry rhetoric as they yoinked photos from the con. And I even got a mention. One of the goons commented how he saw a vehicle with an "NMFURRY" license plate. Wow! I feel special! I was noticed by a goon!

P.S. I had better not see mrcougar stalking around my tree. If he tries to spray it, he will get a cork shoved into his sprayhole.
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