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Democracy Now (not)

Every evening on the way home from work I listen to the radio show "Democracy Now." It's supposed to be all about free media but it usually turns into a left-wing propaganda show. I had stopped listening to the show in 2002 when they started to compare Afghanistan to the World Trade Center calling it "the second Ground Zero." Then they started comparing casualty figures saying, "Afghanistan: where more have now been killed than at the WTC."

I started listening again mainly because I was getting sick of commercial radio and some of their anti-Bush commentary was pretty good. And I do agree that important stories are being suppressed in the mainstream media because corporations want to control what we see and hear. I get ticked off when I see tales of our brave fighting men who come home and face adversity or have great joy with a new baby or some shit. Ummm, guys. THIS IS NOT NEWS! Save that shit for 20/20 or 60 Minutes. I want NEWS! I want a critical analysis of the events of the day. I want to know what the idiots in Washington are doing that will fuck up my life. We won't even talk about Fox. And so radio shows like Democracy Now do tend to dig deeper into stories. Unfortunately they have an extremely left bent, and like Fox who abuses the phrase "fair and balanced," I've noticed that the show usually only has one point of view.

I may stop listening to the show again because they have now picked up the cause of a young American soldier who has deserted to Canada because he didn't agree with the war in Iraq. Now the program makes no bones about how the war is totally wrong and illegal. I have to agree with them on that. But boy, did they hitch their wagon to a losing star with this bozo. Dude, you VOLUNTEERED to be in the military. The goal of the military is not to teach you cool skills so you can get a job in a few years. It's to kill the enemy! You are to obey the Commander and Chief no matter what a nitwit he is. He's the boss! When things are good and we're at peace, you're all happy. And now that you are being called to kill an enemy, you all of a sudden develop a conscience and flee to Canada. And then you whine that you're not being granted immunity because there is some conspiracy against you. And Amy Goodman, the hostess of the show, throws you softball questions and is so sympathetic to your cause. Blah! So much for journalism.

I need a dose of Rush Limbaugh to get my mind back to the center.
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