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Returning to normal

Normal? Me? *LOL* There sure were a lot of yiffy folk online last night. Me gustan muchos! I also got to experience what went on last Saturday at the SoCal Fur-B-Que thanks to AlBear and his digital camera. It tempered my happiness overdose by making me realize there are places that are so much more fur-friendly than New Mexico. A hundred furs enjoying a cookout vs. 7 furs enjoying a cookout. I suppose it's better than one fur sitting home alone. Thanks to avenginglioness for slapping me by pointing that out. She's good at that! And now I know what she looks like! Now when she complains how ugly she is, I know it's total b.s.

Oy! I went on a happy bear beer binge last night, and now I'm paying for it. So I'm gonna stick my head in a cold mountain stream and then stare blankly at my computer screen for awhile.
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