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I had a nice relaxing weekend, pretty much doing nothing. I'm always amazed how much time it takes to do nothing! I enjoyed a nice Saturday evening at stoda and bfly's house for yummy green chili stew and a "Firefly" mini-marathon. I also "enjoyed" getting sucker punched by a 150 lb irish wolfhound. It's a good thing I didn't get a black eye from the overly happy puppy.

I also had a nice time with my own little Kevin Smith marathon. I had seen "Clerks" and "Dogma" before but not some of his other stuff. So I popped in "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" along with "Mallrats" which were nice little comedies that had their moments. It was "Chasing Amy" that I truly enjoyed. I had always avoided the movie because somehow "Ben Afflek" and "romance" in the same sentence didn't appeal to me. Boy, was I wrong. Perhaps if I saw this movie 3 years ago I probably would have hated it. It would have come off as complete Hollywood bullshit that a straight man would suddenly fall in love with a lesbian and that she would fall for him. Well, having lived it with a slight reversal of roles, I can say that it wasn't complete Hollywood b.s. It hit on a lot of themes in my life. I guess one appreciates love stories a whole lot more when one is in love.

If there ever is a movie made about my life done in Kevin Smith style, I want tenax and furrysparkles to play Jay and Silent Bob, respectively. That would be some funny shit, in a weird, nerdy kinda way.
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