Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Twas the night before the night before Chritmas

I'm really enjoying my time with my Kitty. She's being a wonderful guest by baking me pecan bars and brownies. She must like a chubby bear. Last night we bundled up and walked through the neighborhood looking at all of the lights. Many people, like me, don't put up outside decorations. Some folks go all out with enough lights to make the electric meter smoke. We met some carolers and they sang for us. Anubis had fun marking everyone's bushes. We returned home and warmed up with shots of Frangelico. It was early, but late enough to make watching a movie an impracticality. So we opted for hopping into bed and enjoying some pillow talk. That lasted about 5 minutes. We both zonked out before 9. I guess that was an ok way to enjoy the longest night of the year.

So here I sit at my desk hoping the powers that be in D.C. will grant us a few hours off this afternoon. Kitty is out running errands and will stop by later so we can go to lunch. Work is really slow. Obviously, since I'm goofing off on LJ. I'm a little saddened by all of the depressing news that seems to be hitting so many at this time. Several folks have just lost jobs. Some have lost their homes. Some have lost love. I'm really bummed. I wish all of you that are in pain or experiencing loss will heal quickly, find new lives and new loves, and find yourself in a prosperous position very soon. I care about so many of you.

OK. I'm off to uphold a tradition I started in 1991. I'm going to crank the Nutcracker Suite. Tonight I go see it live on stage. Once again, I love you all!
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