Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Christmas Eve Fursuiting on the Plaza

I think I started a new tradition last night. On every Christmas Eve the Plaza of Old Town Albuquerque and the surrounding neighborhoods are decorated with luminaria. For those not familiar with the Southwest tradition, luminaria are brown bags with a candle placed inside with little bit of sand in the bottom for balance. When lit they give off a nice warm orange glow. Now multiply that by a few hundred (thousand?) bags and you have an incredibly beautiful scene. I had heard that several hundred (thousand?) people head down to Old Town to take in the spectacle. I decided that it would be the perfect place for Nevada to fursuit. And so my Kitty and I headed down just before sunset and I performed.

OMG!!! It was incredible! I barely made it 20 feet into the plaza before I was pounced for a picture. This was followed by a never ending stream of families all wanting pics with the polar bear. There were young kids. There were senior citizens. There were families of 8+ people. Kitty overheard one family say they now had next year's Christmas card pic. She also heard someone say the mayor did a good job in recruiting me. Huh? This was guerrilla fursuiting at its best. But you can bet that the City's special events coordinator will be getting an email from me. I even had one store owner offer to sponsor me next year.

It was an unusual event in that it was one time a suiter could outlast the handler. Kitty did an outstanding job in handling. She was great at crowd control and as photographer so that whole families could be photographed without leaving someone out. She didn't prevent a guy from grabbing my ass, though. Not that I minded ;o) But as I was nice and toasty warm in fursuit, my Kitty got very cold standing out in the sub-freezing temperatures. And so we called it quits after just over an hour. An added bonus was that we finally got to meet faelad who is a local non-fur (but could probably easily be put into a fursuit *grins*) whom I met on LJ just over a year ago. Unfortunately he couldn't bring his son, but I think he had a nice time hanging out with us.

And of course there were pics! For a few pics from a Summer suiting event I did on the Plaza with tenax, click here

But here's one pic to get you to click for more

Not the type of fursuit I like. But take me home and I'll be your sugarbear!

Me and faelad
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