Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours


I was never a big coffee drinker. I prefer my caffeine like revenge, served cold. I fell in love with coffee on a trip to Spain in high school. It was dark, rich, flavorful. I returned to the States and quickly lost my love to the thin, watery, crap that was served here. I re-discovered the stuff while living in Washington state back in 1990. A friend of a friend owned a coffee bar and Starbucks were starting to spread. Soon I discovered the joys of grinding my own dark roasted beans and I once again enjoyed rich, flavorful cups of java. For 13 years I have been using my cheap little Norelco coffee maker which has served me well. For this Christmas, however, my Kitty and I decided that it was time to upgrade. We headed off to Costco and bought a nice shiney stainless steel machine from Cuisinart with a built-in grinder. You just add the beans and the water, set the timer and let it go. At the set time it will grind the beans into the filter and the brewing process will begin. We tried it out on Sunday and let's just say, "wow!" It was like rediscovering coffee again. I didn't believe it when I read that the machine can make a big difference in the flavor. I was wrong. It was mighty tasty.
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