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World Perception

I have been saying all along that my new mantra since discovering the fandom has been, "I don't care what others think." You can drive yourself nuts trying to fit into a mold that doesn't fit you. You should just be yourself. But how does that apply to a nation? What should America be about? Should we be the World's mighty power? Should we be the country of compassion? Should we rule the World through economics and technology? The problem is that the country is made up of a vast array of people with differing viewpoints. So how does one ask the question, "What does the World think about the U.S.?" Should we care?

I was listening to the radio yesterday getting the latest news from the Indian Ocean. The "World" had started grumbling that the U.S. had not been doing enough to help out in the disaster. And even though we might have ponied up the most money and we may be sending the most personnel to the region (don't know if that's true), the perception was that we were not doing enough. And I had to agree.

When Shrubya said that we would send $25 million to the region, I laughed. There were a lot of people out there that were thinking like me. That amount of money covers about 4 hours of our cost for fighting the war in Iraq. We're spending over $100 million a day to bomb and kill, but we won't send a like amount to help save millions of lives. How does it look to the World when the leader of the most powerful nation plays on his ranch in Texas while 80,000 people die? Finally, after criticism, the bastard makes an appearance and makes a shallow speech how he cares for all of those that have been affected. When questioned about a worldwide tsunami warning system, he dodges the answer and says the World must come together and build one. WTF, you fucktard! The U.S. could build a system that could protect billions of people for less than the cost to put armor on humvees. The U.S. could be the shining example to the World! But no. We will be perceived as uncaring and bellicose. Whatever happened to the country that flew thousands of planes into Berlin to deliver supplies? It was not missed by some media that Indonesia has the largest Muslim population of any country. If Shrubya had wanted to dispel the rumor that his dealings in the Middle East were not against Islam, here would be the perfect opportunity to show it. So far he has dropped the ball.

I guess I'm upset that I see my beloved country start the swirl down the toilet. I have such high hopes that we can be the shining light on the hill, but all around me all I see is greed and hatred and intolerance. I am also seeing the writing on the wall which may come to pass in '05 or '06. I think pandaguy (a fellow fed) has also started to see this. The Government will be broke in a few years. The deficits caused by the war and the tax cuts will so bleed the treasury that there will be massive layoffs in the near future. I hope I'm wrong. We shall see.
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