Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Domestic Bliss

For three weeks now I have been living happily with my kitty in what we have termed "domestic bliss." We are going about our lives in harmony, separately yet together. There have been no major problems between us outside of the seemingly never ending fursuit drama. The only arguments we get into are fun ones when we call each other "LJ slut" or "chat slut." We are both satisfied to just curl up on the sofa in the evenings and pop in a movie. We don't do clubbing or things of that sort. We are just happy with each other's company. It's extremely nice to get a phone call just before my lunch hour asking if we could have lunch together. Yesterday we found an extremely cheap and yummy Middle Eastern place. We later pigged out on different types of baklava that we had brought home. And that's how things have been for the past few weeks. With each passing day we are both more confident that her big move in May/June will be a successful one.

I'm looking forward to seeing many of you next week. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. I have been hearing rumors of a massive storm building in the Pacific. I have alternate routes ready, but I just hope things go smoothly. And the Double Tree needs to go to Hell and die. We wanted to arrive a day earlier (Wed) but we were told that the Furcon rate was unavailable for that day. An extra day would cost $160. Yeah. Eat me. We found a place nearby for a whole hell of a lot less. Wednesday night was not going to be a con night anyway. That's the evening we play "Meet the Parents: part 2" when I get to meet Kitty's mom. I'll just be my usual charming self *bats eyelashes.* Hopefully you will all recognize me at the con. I will be keeping the beard off since I had heard that several folks wanted to see a clean-shaven bear.
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