Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

The Great FC '05 Con Report

Most people come back from a con and say, "I'll write more about the con later," and never do. But not me! Oh no! You get a con report from me, baby!

The fun began a week ago Tuesday as we started our long trek to San Jose. ari_foxy did show up in the morning and so tenax took his vehicle as well so there would be plenty of room for both people and supplies (namely fursuits). California was getting pounded by rain which would become snow in Arizona. We took the southern route through Tucson and Yuma and avoided all of the bad weather. It was about a 15 hour trip. I now have my personal one-day driving record of 950 miles. We crashed at the Kitty Den. The next day we finished our trek up to San Jose. We made our Costco run and bought alcoholic goodness for our nightly room parties.

Best con story: An article appeared in the san Jose paper about the convention. While a group of us all wearing tails/ears were at Albertson's buying more alcohol (yes, we went through a lot!) we were approached by a man asking if we were from the group that was written about in the paper. We said we were and he thought it was just great! We talked with him for a long time in the store. On Sunday right after the Critterlympics we meet the same guy and his wife. They just had to come down to see what it was all about. They loved it! Woohoo! Good furry PR!

Fursuiting: I wore all 4 suits. Sabot got a work out in the parade, dance, and Critterlympics. I got to smack Jim Groat with trout. Satisfying! Zunipup was worn only briefly to get a fursuit badge made. Nevada only made a brief appearance on Saturday night. He was attacked by Klingons and was not happy. Abbey got a great deal of exposure. He was worn by bluebear72 in his first fursuiting experience (Yay! Another virgin is mine!) Kitty wore the suit for awhile and gave Abbey a more feminine look (which was hawt!). And overzen also gave it a wearing to let his inner coon out. I wore it during the Variety Show in the last skit, a funny rendition of "The Raccoon Song."

Theme: Last year it was Sean Connery Con. This year it was James Brown Con. albear showed the hysterical video clip of a very stoned James Brown doing an interview on CNN. We were yelling "I feel good!" all weekend. Hopefully someone can find me a link to it. I was unsuccessful in my hunt.

Other notable events: I got a picture taken at the opening ceremonies of myself in the open-faced Tigger suit which was published in "The Sphynx #1."

I finally got the Dark Natasha print of "Spring Fever" after losing in 2 previous auctions. I also picked up an original Monika Livingston featuring the spirit-summoning bears. In addition I got 5 new badges including ones by brown_wolf, rockopup, Derrick Dasenbrock, and Cat Vixen.

The room parties rocked as usual. There was a never-ending stream of people coming in to grab a drink and say "Hi!" I even heard that Bouncer Chipmunk lived up to his name in kicking out a few underaged would-be drinkers. On the last night we shut down the party at 4. Thank you to all that contributed to the alky fund. You are wonderful! *BEAR HUGS*

I would make an attempt to name off all of the wonderful furs I met, but every time I do that I forget someone. So I will just say that I really loved seeing and meeting all of you that I did.

So now there is a bit of a con respite until Califur. I hope to see you all there or at AC in July!
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