Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Somewhere in the middle

I wrote a few weeks ago how it was so hard to find out the truth in politics because each side had their own agenda. I came to the conclusion that if you listen to several viewpoints, the truth will lie somewhere in the middle. I have found out that the same thing is true when it comes to people. If I hear stories about how a certain person is an asshole, I will like to hear specific examples on what this person did to earn such a title. Ever since I have been in the fandom I have met a lot of wonderful people. They come in all ways, shapes, and forms. A few have mental illness and most are a little crazy, just like me! One of the things I love about the fandom is that it is very tolerant and excepting of everyone. Perhaps it's because of that openness that people sometimes get burned. Perhaps people expect too much of that openness and acceptance and think that anything goes. Perhaps it's due to the fact that some people are emotionally damaged that drama ensues. The bottom line is that we are all still human, no matter how much we hate that fact, and still bound by the limits of human nature.

I love the fandom very much. It has taught me to accept folks for who they are and to try to not be overly judgmental. There are good folks and bad folks. If I hear you are a bad person, I will tend to avoid you or at least be very wary around you. I will hold off judgement, however, until an action affects me or a dear friend. I also think that 1st-hand stories should be shared so that people can be on guard against potential harm. There have been several stories as of late of people getting into relationships with people with a long history of abusive behavior. Had the stories been circulated sooner, trouble and heartache could have been avoided. Note I said "1st-hand" stories. He said/She said stories should be taken with grains of salt.

I write this because I have seen and read about the drama that occurred at FC regarding a certain (in)famous fur. I keep hearing how evil he is/was. Judging from the volume of stories I have heard, there must be some truth to the fact that he enjoys to fuck with people. That's a bad thing. But how has he fucked with people? Called names on the Internet? Trolled? Acted obnoxious? I know several people that fall into that category. And I guess that's the point. There are unfortunately a lot of fucked up people in the fandom. If you target one, you should target the rest. There are also just as many goody-goody G-rated furs out there that creep me out as much as the hardcore X-rated ones. Somewhere in the middle is the fandom I truly love and enjoy.
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