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Weekend Synopsis

Question: How much does it cost to change a light bulb in the Bear Den?
Answer: $142. $140 to buy a ladder tall enough to reach the light on the vaulted ceiling and $2 for a light bulb. Oh well. At least I have a nice new ladder. And in a spurt of cleaning I also have clean light fixtures throughout the house.

Kitty and I went to go see a couple of art films on Sunday. "Primer" is a low-budget time travel movie that I compared to "Lathe of Heaven." It's an interesting movie, and I'm looking forward to seeing what the director can do in the future with a real budget. The plot got so twisted that I was lost toward the end. The other movie was "Tarnation." This was a total p.o.s. It is a film autobiography of a fucked up film student and his fucked up family. I found it extremely pretentious. Why should I be interested in essentially someone's home movies? Just because it's filled with angst and drama? Shit. I get that and more every day in reading LJ.

I have figured out what's wrong with my Outlook Express but I am still looking for a way to fix it. It is treating every message as an attachment. That's why the message is blank when I open it. Anybody know what setting I need to change to fix that? I am at an end.

Pretty much all of the furry art I have collected over the past year and a half is now proudly displayed on my walls (including a slightly yiffy Rog Minotaur). Kitty and I ran all over the house moving pictures around until everything fit. You all need to stop by the Bear Den to see my gallery. Have a great week, and to those on the East Coast, snuggle down with a mate or a plushie and ride out the storm. *warm bear hugs*
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