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Con Badge Goodness

I need something to cheer myself up today, so I decided to post my 5 badge acquisitions from FC'05. It's funny. At some cons I don't get a single badge but a shitload of comics. At other cons I don't buy a single comic but a buttload of art. *shrugs* As long as I can keep myself immersed in furry goodness.

Badge by Tim Susman. I always loved kaysho's LJ icon (also done by Tim).

Badge by Derrick Dossenbrock. I love his macro bears. I have a couple of his prints hanging in the Bear Den.

Badge bybrown_wolf. His art has really come along since I first met him at Califur. I loved his LJ icon which was part of a badge he had made, and so I commissioned him!

Badge byrockopup. His artwork has become many an LJ icon including wipeout_ut's famous Sofa King Wolf. He whipped out mine and Carol's badges during one of our room parties. Now that's minute rice!

Badge bykatvixen. Kitty said we had to get badges done by her and they turned out very interesting. It gave Sabot a kind of frat boy look. It's very accurate, though, with me guarding the keg.
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