Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Headed for a crash?

Well, I wrote about my email problems a few weeks ago. Then my computer didn't recognize my scanner. And now Yahoo chat went nuts and refused to display incoming messages. *sigh* I feel a crash is inevitable. I will make sure all of my pics are backed up just in case it decides to blow up. The Yahoo thing was very interesting. It had done this before and I had to re-install. No biggie. What was weird this time was that it refused to execute from the website. OK. I'll save it and execute. No go. I have never had an .exe file refuse to run when double clicked. After a few failed attempts I decided to copy it to my desktop and try again. Bingo! It worked. I talked to an IM person at work and she gave me some good advice on what to try to stabilize the system.

On a different note I was chatting with the head of our IM department yesterday and caught him on eBay during work hours. I asked him about all of the anti-surfing controls that were supposed to have been installed. He just laughed. He knows that everybody checks CNN or ESPN or Money at least once a day. He told me that if he gets word that a crackdown will occur, he will give all of us a heads-up. *smiles* I love it.
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