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The furry fairy

I just got of the phone with a manager of one of our field offices. He told me a story that was just too damn funny and very ironic. First, you must understand that the field office is in Chama, a very isolated part of the state. I had thought about applying for the manager's position last year, but I was told that if I wore a bear suit, I would probably end up strapped to the hood of someone's truck. All of the workers, in the office, including the manager, are down-home blue-collar types. While I was at FC the manager came down to our office. He wanted to talk to me about something but since I wasn't there, he talked to my cohort in river operations. When asked where I had gone, my cohort said, "A furry convention in San Francisco." The manager misunderstood and thought he was told, "a fairy convention." He was in shock!
"Oh no! Ed can't be one of those!"
"No! No! FURRY! Not fairy!"
"Ohhhhhh! What the hell is a furry?!?"

So my cohort explained to the best of his ability what a furry was. The good news was that the manager thought that it was great! Woohoo! Another person who understands what it's all about and supports it.

Now, if he only knew.......Mwaa haa haa!
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