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Reservoir Dogs

Listen, children, and I shall tell you another tale of stupidity and how our government rewards it.

Once upon a time there was a big reservoir in the desert named Elephant Butte. It was a big reservoir and attracted lots of people, as big waterholes in the desert usually do. It was such a fun place to play that people wanted to have homes near the water. But Reclamation didn't want to sell the land around the reservoir. Instead, it offered long-term leases so that people could move a trailer or mobile home there. And there was much rejoicing as people soon moved trailers onto their new plot of ground. But the Smiths became unhappy when the Jones moved a double-wide onto their lot. So the Smiths built a concrete pad for their trailer. So the Jones built a foundation and put a house on it. And the Smiths followed suit with a bigger and better house. Soon many people had houses built along the reservoir....on land they did not own! Why would people do this? All together now....BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE STOOOOOPID!

Soon the government wanted to reconfigure the recreational layout around the reservoir. They would move some of the leased lots to other areas around the reservoir. But the Smiths and Jones and all of the rest could not move to the new locations because they had built permanent houses on land that wan't theirs. Oh no! What ever shall they do? They will call their congressmen! They will call the media! The big bad government is trying to kick them out into the cold! They invested lots and lots of money in their houses! And now the government was going to take it all away! But wait! A Senator in shining armor rides in and passes a bill that lets the people buy the land where they have built their houses! The day is saved!

The lesson: If you find a piece of government land that you really like, just squat on it and build a house. If they try to kick you off, just call your representative (perhaps make some contributions), and everything will be alright!
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