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Taxes Part Deux

As I mentioned in my previous tax post, I have slightly more complicated taxes this year due to some capital gains. You know, the tax Republicans love to hate. I now see their point. I actually scored a winner in the stock market and got some profits from a chip manufacturer that got bought out. So now I have to deal with the money I made. I have never filled out a Schedule D before and I never want to again. OMFG! It is one of the most confusing things I have ever seen! The launch manual for the Space Shuttle is probably not as complicated. And judging from all of the things that don't apply to me, it is probably a worthless form. Just running through some of the steps, it looks like adding lots of 0's. I am almost tempted to just blow off the form and put the amount of profit on the 1040. I don't see any benefit to me by filling out the form i.e. there is no place that reduces the amount I have to pay. So fuck em! It's not my job to provide extra information to the gov't. If I pay what I owe, they should just STFU and take my money. If all my T's aren't crossed or I's dotted, too bad. Is the bottom line correct? Yes? Then once again, I repeat, STFU!

If you want to boggle your mind, check out all of the forms that the IRS has ON THEIR WEBSITE. It's at the bottom of the page.

A funny tax story. Back in 2000 when I moved to ABQ, I thought I had to fill out a moving expense form. The gov't paid for the move and it was treated as income on my W-2. I called the IRS to ask for help on the form. I knew that I could fully deduct the moving expense, but the form made it sound like I still had to pay tax on it. When I stated my question, the IRS guy told me that the moving expenses WERE fully deductible. I told him to carefully read the instructions. He once again told me I should just fully deduct the moving expense. Once more I told him to read what was said on the form. *DING!* The light went on. While, yes, the moving expenses were fully deductible, the way it was worded on the form, it made it sound like they were not if someone paid for the move. Not only did he tell me that the wording was incorrect but went on to tell me I didn't even have to bother with the form since the net effect on my taxes was 0. *facepaws*
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