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California here I come!

Tomorrow I head off to SoCal to spend the long weekend with my Kitty. Yup. I'll be driving. I am rediscovering my love of long road trips. With a cd changer and cruise control, it makes such endeavors bear-able. I'll be bringing Anubis along so that the SoCal furs can get to meet him. I'm looking forward to much party goodness on Saturday and Disney fun on Sunday. It sounds like it could turn out to be a nice furmeet! Yay!

Taxes: I will STFU. They have been mailed, both state and federal. Ended up with a nice refund from the feds and a small refund from the state which I donated to the state's wildlife fund.

Computer: I have declared my home pc as unworkable. I am sick of its crashes and fuckups so I am initiating plan "Format C:" I will start from scratch with the very basic programs. Most of my pics are already backed up on cd. I'll take care of this when I get back. Any NM Fur with computer savvy want to assist me? FREE DINNER!

Work: I swear this place in turning more and more into "Office Space." A few of us are aficionados of that flick and we crack up when one of us makes a movie reference. Yesterday we had a division meeting and while my boss was trying (and failing) to describe our new comp time policy, I made some remark about TPS reports. That got a nice chuckle. I started calling her "Lumberg" today (to the others that know the movie). She came into my cube and wanted me to verify a rumor. WTF?!? I could almost picture her standing there with a coffee cup going, "Mmmmmm, yeah. I'm gonna need you to make some calls to see if what I thought the office boss said was true. Yeah. That would be great." *facepaws* Thank doG she will be at a meeting all day in Santa Fe. I have a feeling I'm gonna be sick next Tuesday as well. *cough cough*
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