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Well, I'm back from SoCal. I arrived back at the den at 2:30 this morning after an 11 hour drive, mostly in the rain. I was going to spend an extra day, but with the forecast having the storm off the coast moving inland today, that would mean lots of snow for Flagstaff. I hit a little bit last night, but it was minor. And so I am back at work and ready to go! *klunk* Zzzzzzzzzzz.

Thursday was a marathon drive from ABQ to SoCal. Had dinner with the Kitty and much snuggling ensued.

Friday we had breakfast at the local greasy spoon, hit the Disney discount store (no plushies or fursuits *cries*) and decided to tour the Getty Museum. I had heard about this place for years. I finally got to visit. Very nice! A must see! We enjoyed the "Violence in Medieval Times" exhibit. It had 700+ year old manuscripts and tapestries depicting violence. Now I know where the expression "getting Medieval on your ass" gets its roots. After the museum we headed up to The Domain, albear and dexter_fox's new lair. It's a very nice place! Just as we got there, scruff_e_coyote pulled up. Whoot! The party could begin! We all headed into the barrio of East LA to grab the famous 7-lb El Tapiac burrito. All 5 of us finished one and a half. Then it was back to the Domain for alky goodness.

Saturday we made a pilgrimage to the Brady house. For years I wondered where the house they used for the outside shots of "The Brady Bunch" was filmed. It was actually just a couple of miles from the Domain! So we took a few pictures and were on our way. And being the hydrologist that I am, I took a few shots of the raging LA River which was swollen with rain runoff. It was then off to the old Bear Den to collect a few items. Now that Al has all of his stuff out, the place looks soooo different! All of the 90-year-old touches that Al had concealed were now visible. It was pretty amazing. I'm glad he has a nice modern apartment now. We eventually made it back to the Kitty Den where we had a party with a small group of SoCal Furs including kaysho, zotcoon, tigrekat, jwoulf, voychael, Karwood, and Anthony (who I know has an LJ but didn't catch the username). We pigged out on Chinese buffet before getting our drink on. Much fun ensued.

Sunday was Disney day! I hadn't been to Disneyland since 1980. Yeah, things have changed just a little bit *laughs* A big bear hug to n2kenai who helped get me in and later spent the evening with us. The bad weather held off until the early afternoon and then it sucked much ass. What was good was that it emptied the park and so we breezed aboard a lot of rides in the evening. Damn! That was fun! I hadn't been to a theme park in YEARS! I rode all the coasters, did the famous "Tower of Terror," hit the classics like "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "The Haunted Mansion." Al wanted to kill me for going on "It's a Small World." I was singing along with "Duff Beer for me! Duff Beer for you! I want a Duff! You want one too!" We also hit a couple of shows. "Snow White" was great! Lots of talented performers in fursuits. Yay! "Aladdin" was also spectacular. All-in-all we spent about 12 hours there. We were all dead tired. We scarfed down a few In-n-Out burgers and collapsed.

Monday was the day of wetness. We woke up to a downpour. Soon the streets in front of the Kitty Den were under 6" of water. Dex wanted to get home a.s.a.p. after hearing a city engineer was killed in a sinkhole accident. He needed to be available in case landslides started to activate. I decided to hit the road in the early afternoon during a break in the clouds. The desert should bloom with incredible wildflowers this year. It poured from Barstow to Needles.

And now I am back, ready to resume my mundane life. *cries*
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