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More computer erfness

I purchased XP and was ready to install it. I needed to backup the remaining pictures first. Piece of cake, right? Well, not when your cd writing program proceeds to crash. I have tried installing several different programs but it won't let me install any. It keeps telling me that access is denied to my windows/temp directory. I can't see any "read-only" attributes so I have no idea why it's doing that. So I can't burn cd's. What's a bear to do?

Well, I pulled out my old machine which is running Windows 98. It has a zip drive. My current pc also has a zip drive. And so I have been tranferring files to the old computer 100MB at a time. Erf! The fun thing is that the old computer has a whopping 1.2gig hard drive. Yes, you heard that correctly. I should have it completely filled with pictures by the end of the day. I'm heading over to the theater to see "Sideways" in about an hour. I'll stop at Best Buy and see if I can buy an external hard drive to which I can transfer files. If it requires some sort of software installation, I'll probably be screwed. One other option is to try to upload pictures back to my digital camera. I just bought a 256MB card. That should hold quite a few pics. Fun fun fun!
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